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‘Poltergeist’ Infographic, Interactive Map Show the Most Haunted Places Around the World! (Exclusive)

The Poltergeist campaign is in full swing.

Just a day after having the clown delivered to my doorstep, Fox is launching, an interactive map of over 5k locations of documented poltergeist and paranormal activity in the US. It highlights residencies, hotels, museums and other locations in each major city. For more information about a specific location, a user can visit and enter the promotion code POLTERGEIST.

Be warned, though, spend too much time on the site and they may find out: #WhatAreYouAfraidOf

In addition, we have an exclusive infographic that displays the most haunted places around the world. From possessed fortresses and historic battlefields to grisly legends of suffering, and unexpected death, this is the collection of the world’s most chilling supernatural stories.

Poltergeist Infographic



  • DeadHead23666

    That’s cool. I doubt the house I’m in has any problems. It’s pretty boring here.

    • Kaleigh Raterman

      You should check out the museum of shadows !!
      800 plus haunted artifacts !!!!

  • That freaking scared the crap out of me!!! Is there anyway I can view the haunting articles without the freaking clown doll popping out at me?!?!?!?!?!

    • Kaleigh Raterman

      check out the Museum of shadows 🙂

  • Kaleigh Raterman

    Check out the Museum of Shadows in Nebraska ……voted the most haunted location in the Midwest ! It has been said by visitors, it is better than villisca and the crescent hotel !

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