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Uwe Boll Returns With ‘Rampage: President Down’ (Exclusive)

Uwe Boll completes his rampage when Rampage: President Down hits VOD and DVD on September 6th.

Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher) is back in the final chapter of the Rampage trilogy. “In the series’ previous installment, he stated that we needed to “kill the rich and rip Washington apart” – and that’s exactly what he’s doing now doing. After assassinating the President of the United States, Williamson ignites the largest manhunt in American history. This act of domestic terrorism will change the country forever.

Matt Frewer (“Orphan Black”, “The Knick”) also stars.

Check out this exclusive clip from the film in which the F.B.I. raid a cabin that looks straight out of Evil Dead.

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  • Daniel Anderson

    Really enjoyed the first two installments. Not sure I have seen Brendan play in a role that I haven’t liked since first seeing him in Freddy vs Jason.

  • Zachary Brown

    Go away Uwe Boll. please

    • Baron Von Marlon

      Then why did you click on this article?

      • Travis_Bickle

        To tell him to go away….duh

  • Jacob Phillips

    Hugely looking forward to this. Uwe Boll’s Rampage and Assault on Wall Street movies are nothing less than timely masterpieces. Screw the haters.

    • Baron Von Marlon

      Same here.
      I hope both characters will get together in this one.

    • AkumajoBelmont

      Tunnel Rats was excellent too. I like his movies. Sure, I could have done without House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and In The Name of the King, but Bloodrayne was a pretty decent popcorn flick.

      • Jacob Phillips

        Tunnel Rats had an awesome theme tune, that song was made for a Vietnam War movie, right?

        • AkumajoBelmont

          What, ‘In the Year 2525’? I think so! Great tune, either way!

  • MildManneredReporter

    The problem with theses movies are they are uwe ball movies…..rampage and assault on Wall Street are good movies with good leads and great stories but uwe boll loves to add people who can’t act at all or little things that pull you out the story that reminds you he made the movie……and I’m sure he is related these people too.

    • Jacob Phillips

      who was the bad actor in Assault on Wall Street?

      • MildManneredReporter

        i cant remember off hand im sure it was some Russian actor or somebody with an accent who is probably related to mr boll. i will go back and watch it again if its still on netflix

  • Christ. I thought Boll retired after the whole Kickstarter fiasco.

  • The Drucifer

    I kinda liked the first one. It’s rough around the edges but enjoyable, mainly due to the lead. The second one is meh. This will probably be meh.

    One thing you can say about these films is that Uwe Bolle actually seems engaged. They mean something more than a tax break. Even if all their sound and fury is like a college freshman’s tantrum.

    Lest anyone thinks me mad: Uwe Bolle IS among the worst.

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