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Gags: The Green Bay Clown Gets His Own Feature!

Who’s Gags?  Wait, you don’t know?!  You must not spend much time on the internet or in front of the television because this bald and pasty creeper is responsible for a movement of eerie proportions!  And with the recent rash of YouTube “A-Listers” moseying their way into mainstream cinema, why not leave the midnight time slot open at your local theater for a deadly dose of one of the internet’s most malevolent lurkers?

I spent some time with Gags director Adam Krause after we screened our shorts at the first annual Dead of Winter Film Festival in Chicago a few weeks ago and I weaseled the following confession out of him so Bloody Disgusting could get the first exclusive look at Gags: The Feature!

Krause had the following to say: “Gags first set the internet on fire this past summer with a handful of grainy cell phone pictures and simultaneously resurrected the world-wide phenomenon known as ‘clown roaming’.”

What Krause is referring to was his idea to generate buzz for his short film by actually having Gags walk around Green Bay at night creeping out whoever he came across.  These serendipitously terrifying encounters become so popular that ‘Gags sightings’ even made their way onto the news all over the country – I recall seeing a story on The Green Bay Clown on the Chicago evening news one night last year and exclaimed to myself, “What the F$&k!?”  Coincidentally, I now find myself standing next to the man behind this nefarious promotional ploy.

Sometimes short films should stay short.  So I asked Krause how he decided to expand upon the story of Gags.  Krause responded, “It didn’t take long after my initial Gags marketing stunt to learn that I had created a popular horror figure that really connected with and intrigued people. His look, his demeanor, his intentions – people found Gags fascinating. Even now after the short film has long been announced and the country’s clown craze has died down, Gags still maintains a large fan base that clamors for more action from the clown. And it’s because of this that we chose to explore the character even further with a feature-length film.”

Krause has teamed up with the production companies responsible for The Stylist and The Muck to turn the award-winning short Gags into a feature-length film that delves deeper into who this mysterious clown is and how the city responds to his reign of terror.  Guess what?  The twisted bastards behind Gags just released a promotional teaser announcing the feature and they are currently receiving donations to fund the movie via the Gags website,

Synopsis: In what has become a common headline across the globe, a mysterious individual has been dressing up like a clown and roaming the streets of Green Bay at night, capturing the attention of the entire city. Many write it off as a harmless prank but others aren’t so sure. Until one night when four different people cross paths with the clown everyone calls Gags and his true intentions are finally revealed.

Gags will go into production Spring 2017 with a target release date of 2018. Keep up-to-date with the production at or on Facebook at




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