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Uncensored ‘Game of Death’ Trailer Has EVEN MORE BLOOD! (Exclusive)



Hopefully you brought a raincoat…

In the vein of Battle Royale, Cabin in the Woods, Belko Experiment, and most notably Beyond the Gates, Laurence “Baz” Morais and Sebastien Landry’s Game of Death looks to take board game horror to an entirely new level.

Set to have its world premiere at this ongoing SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, Game of Death takes place in the middle of small-town nowhere where seven friends are forced to kill or be killed when they play the “Game of Death”. When faced with their own mortality, will they turn on each other to survive?

After having to pull a leaked version, we now have an exclusive look at the film’s official festival trailer that’s, quite frankly, one of the goriest I’ve seen since Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake. In an effort to kill 24 people to “end the game”, the footage shows a montage of blood, guts and gore that would make any fan of a young Peter Jackson smile from ear to ear. There looks to be no limit to how far the filmmakers will go, spinning someone’s intestines around the wheel of a car, with dialogue like “His head is fucking gone” teasing what kind of horrific delights await us. The coolest aspect, however, is the game design, which is boss. I can’t wait for this one!

Check out two versions below, with the UNCENSORED trailer carrying a bit more mayhem!

Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond, Emelia Hellman, Catherine Saindon, Nick Serino, Erniel Baez D., Thomas Vallieres, and Jane Hackett star.

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