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[Exclusive] ‘Dream Warriors’ Director Chuck Russell Talks Upcoming ‘Witchboard’ Remake

Chuck Russell readies his return to horror.

Back in 2009, Kevin Tenney’s Night of the Demons found itself on the remake chopping block, leading many fans to wonder if his previous film would get the same treatment. I’m of course talking about 1986’s Witchboard, which centered on a group of friends messing around with a Ouija Board at a party. A remake has indeed been talked about for several years now, and we can exclusively confirm today that a modern day upgrade of Tenney’s film is in development.

We had the chance to speak with Dream Warriors and The Blob (1988) director Chuck Russell today, ahead of Bloody Disgusting and Wizard World’s Horror Fest Philadelphia this coming weekend – where he and Heather Langenkamp will be doing a live commentary for Dream Warriors (get tickets here)! Russell confirmed to us that he’s working on a remake of Witchboard, a nugget of info that we spotted over on IMDb.

I remain interested in Witchboard, which I’m developing with producer Greg McKay,” Russell told us. “It uses the original as a springboard to take us into a far deeper supernatural fantasy.”

Russell hasn’t directed a horror film since 2000’s Bless the Child and this particular project seems right up his alley, so this news is incredibly exciting to us.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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  • WoodsboroKiller

    i’m not sure if this is a good idea. ouija pretty much did it already. i think the only way to pull it off would be to introduce something new into the ouija board genre. if you can call it a genre.

    • J Jett

      i agree 100%. i too was thinking that the two OUIJA films covered it pretty much. plus the original WITCHBOARD had gorgeous Tawny Kitaen to look at!

  • Necro

    I don’t know about this honestly. The ‘Ouija/Possession/Supernatural’ sub-genre has had so many films over the years and basically covered every possible avenue/angle. Unless its bringing a fresh new perspective that hasn’t been done already. I’m trying to think of what that could be…………………………..still thinking…………………………..yeah no!

  • Grimphantom

    Sounds good that Russell will work on horror again but doing a movie where they already made one similar doesn’t work out well, he should work on something else.

  • Graham

    If they avoid the possession angle (which has become egregiously played out since 1986), then this could be worthwhile.

  • WITCHBOARD is now being remade: (Insert Patrick Stewart/Godzilla/Billy Jack facepalm)

  • Not another Ouija-themed movie… *sigh*

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