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[Exclusive] Clip and Poster Tease Halloween Horror Anthology ‘3 Dead Trick or Treaters’

3 Dead Trick or Treaters.  5 stories of grisly Halloween traditions.

We’re always on the lookout for new horror anthologies to sink our teeth into, and director Torin Langen is soon serving up his own in the form of Halloween-themed 3 Dead Trick or Treaters. After 4 years in production, Langen just completed the anthology film, described as a Halloween folk-chiller told entirely without dialogue.

The film’s fragmented narrative chronicles 5 individual tales of Halloween horror, all with a strong emphasis on atmosphere and visual storytelling. As Langen explained to us, “3 Dead Trick or Treaters is a fusion of mood-driven experimental filmmaking and kitsch Halloween imagery. In whole, the project is an expression of isolation and the anxiety that comes with it; characters struggling with morality under horrifying circumstances. This is merged with a love for dime store monster masks, silent storytelling and underground music.”

In the film, hitting the festival scene this summer…

After stumbling upon the graves of three murdered trick or treaters, a small town paperboy discovers a series of handwritten horror stories tacked to the children’s headstones. Penned by a deranged pulp author driven mad by his craft, the stories chronicle grisly tales of Halloween rites, rituals and traditions. Absent of dialogue and heavy on atmosphere, 3 Dead Trick or Treaters is a horror anthology unlike any you’ve seen before.

Check out the clip and poster below, along with the film’s trailer.





    Hm. It’s a decent premise, but I’ve been burned by anthologies too many times to be optimistic about this one. Since the V/H/S series revived the horror-anthology subgenre, the only one Iv’e seen that’s consistently good is Southbound. Some others offer a good segment or two among numerous bad ones. And several other anthology movies are just plain bad through and through.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      Southbound is great, VHS was entertanning, the first one, but it got some really bad stuff in it, 2 had only one segment, and Viral was TERRIBLE, though the parallel dimension segment was not too bad, Theatre Bizarre is fantastic, All Hallow Eve was mediocre, Trick and Threat was good, they should do a sequel, and also we need an ABC of Death 3 but with more consistent quality please, some of the segment were downright stupid

      • Hardcore F’n Mudd

        Tales Of Halloween was also a pure stinker.

        • turk

          Trick r Treat was really good.

          • Hardcore F’n Mudd

            Lol oh my god he cant handle it! The Internet will ruin this fucking film. The niggas need to calm down!
            Sent from my Windows Phone

          • david

            Trick r Treat was awesome. It’s probably my favorite modern day horror anthology. I also really enjoyed the first two VHS films, but the third one was hot garbage.

          • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

            Agreed, Trick R Treat was fantastic. Not just as an anthology, but as a film in general. One of my favorites of all time

        • Rick-Taylor

          I really, really wanted to like it, but I couldn’t.

          • Hardcore F’n Mudd

            Me too – As I recall it started off *OK* but descended into shitness pretty quickly

      • Justin Anthony

        Southbound and Theatre Bizarre were absolutely fucking badass! A Christmas Horror Story was pretty good also. Oh… and you’re right VHS Viral was a worthless pos and I’m still pissed off I wasted time out of my life watching it, the people that allowed it to be made should Hi-5 theirselves in the face.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    it looks cheap but the script could be good, i love anthologies and specially horror ones so i will surely watch this

  • Necro

    I don’t know anthologies get all this hype and then are not as good as advertised. Usually it’s only one story is good out of however many are in it. ‘Tales of Halloween’ was a total let down and ‘XX’ had one good story, ‘ABC’s of Death 2’ was puke, ‘Southbound’ wasn’t all that, ‘V/H/S: Viral’ shouldn’t have been made period. The last good one was ‘Holidays’. And I sincerely look forward to these I really do, but they just keep falling short for me. So I’ll give this one a try and I have another on my list as well ‘The Dark Tapes’ so we’ll see.

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

      The St Patricks day segment in Holidays was absolutely awful, and Easter was just bizarre

      • Jeff

        I liked both of those. Thought they were unexpected and creative takes on the titular holidays. Now Kevin Smith’s Halloween one…yikes.

        Agree with you on Tales and XX (a decent first effort but like the first ABCs of Death, more quality control was needed). I, personally, liked ABCs of Death 2 (I only skip 2-3 segments upon a rewatch) and Southbound. V/H/S Viral was regrettable as the magic segment and wraparound really ruined it. The other segments were decent if forgettable. I still haven’t watched the missing segment.

      • Necro

        Yeah that rabbit was disturbing, bizarre for sure. I’m just glad they went for something other than a guy in a suit.

  • xXFacelessXx

    Thank god this is an experiemtal take on anthologies. I am actually looking forward to this one.

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