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[Exclusive] Tomas Has Gruesome Visions in “The Exorcist” Episode 6 Clip

[Exclusive] Tomas Has Gruesome Visions in “The Exorcist” Episode 6 Clip

Ratings for FOX’s “The Exorcist” are on the rise as we head into tonight’s sixth episode of the second season, which creator Jeremy Slater promises will be a great one.

It might be the single best episode we’ve ever done,” Slater recently tweeted.

Ahead of the premiere, we’ve got an exclusive clip to whet your appetite. In it, Tomas explains to Marcus what he saw in the house… while having more visions of pure terror.

In tonight’s episode, titled “Darling Nikki,” A visit to the foster home carries deadly consequences, as Marcus and Father Tomas attempt to draw the demon out of hiding; Rose finds herself the target of the demon’s wrath.

Catch the new episode tonight, November 10, at 9/8c.



  • xcalibrate ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I’m not ashamed to admit it; I love this series. Season 1 was good but Season 2 is quite exceptional. Looking forward to tonight’s episode and I hope that it continues to attract viewers. It deserves some love, and a Season 3. Highly recommended.

  • Sarah

    OMG! This is going to be an awesome episode.

  • J Jett

    this episode was good but in no way, shape or form was it some AMAZING episode. in fact i thought the fact that………….SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER……………………………….
    ……………………………………………………………Harper’s mother just magically showed up at the house to abscond with her daughter…that part was pretty silly.

    • Simon Allen

      Well you should stop with moaning because at least your favourite woman made a return but I bet you are pissed because it wasn’t for long was it ?

      • J Jett

        I KNOW RIGHT?????? lol. i was so excited to see Maria in the ep but then they went and….well you know. LOL. i’m at least glad they wrapped up her storyline. i guess they kind of needed to considering how they left it in season 1.
        btw, did you think the ep was as “amazing” as the showrunner guy said it was? it was a good ep but it didn’t seem any better than any other random ep thus far. there were far better eps in season 1 IMO.

        • Simon Allen

          Well it certainly wasn’t the best episode ever or whatever they said and i was more scared of the demon when it was “Pillowcase Head” than manifesting itself as Alicia Witt .
          But it’s still pretty great .
          Also i thought you’d like to know i’m kinda enjoying Season 2 of Stranger Things …..but i ain’t finished yet so no spoilers !!!

          • J Jett

            regarding Pillowcase Head & Alicia Witt…i agree 100%. i DO like Witt a lot so it’s great to see her on the show but yeah, she’s too beautiful imo to be scary or threatening (at least thus far in the show). Pillowcase twerp was indeed more unsettling/scary-ish.

            and regarding STRANGER THINGS 2…that’s great! i’m glad you’re liking it! i do like season 2 but i don’t love it the way i do season 1.

          • Simon Allen

            I’m a Witt fan too ….i’m old enough to remember when she was Cybil’s daughter !!

  • delta2326

    What really elevates this season for me is just how much I have ended up caring for these foster children and their father Andy. I wasn’t expecting to like them all so much, resulting in the horrors that are now upon them having a much larger impact. And now I am worried about the fate of Father Tomas as he seems to be an end game for some of the demons.

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