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The First Arc Of Haunt Draws To A Close In 5 Page Haunt Preview!

All hell is about to break loose in The Agency, and the pawns are all in place for a bloody finale to the fantastic first arc of Image dream-team Robert Kirkman (“THE WALKING DEAD”, “MARVEL ZOMBIES”), Todd McFarlane (“SPAWN”), and the departing Ryan Ottley (“INVINCIBLE”). Beyond the break you’ll find the first 5 pages of the issue which will be released tomorrow as well as the variant cover.

Written By: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Greg Capullo, Ryan Ottley and Todd McFarlane
Covers by: Todd McFarlane and Ryan Ottley
MSRP: $2.99

THE FIRST STORY-ARC OF MCFARLANE & KIRKMAN’S HAUNT CONCLUDES! More is revealed involving Kurt’s death, and it puts Daniel and Kurt at odds once again. A mole is exposed within The Agency and Haunt must come to a decision involving his future. Do not miss the stunning end to the introductory arc of this hot new series.



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