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Review: ‘The Dark Tower: Battle Of Jericho Hill’ Issue #3

It is not a good day for Roland Deschain and his ka’tet. Nor is it a good day for any of those who still hold hope that Mid-World can be saved from the evils of John Farson, the Good Man. Last issue we were left with the horrifying vision of one of Farson’s hench-monsters killing Randolph’s wife and taking his son captive after the good guys had just scored a major victory on the Good Man. But now the tables have seemingly turned back in the direction of those who would wish to see the Tower crumble, and with a traitor seemingly in their midst it would not look as if things bode well for the Gunslinger.


The issue picks up just a ‘fortnight’ after the events of issue #2 with Roland and his round-table of men posturing as to what their next course of action should be. There is still no clear cut plan, and it would seem all save for Roland are growing impatient. Thomas is of the opinion that the group should storm Gilead with guns ablazin’ and do things Rambo style. An obvious sign that there is a growing desperation within the ranks.

Meanwhile it is revealed that Randolph himself is the snitch and that he has made a deal with Farson. Things go sour though when he discovers that his wife is indeed dead, a punishment for his tardiness.

Everything is on point this issue, delivering what is possibly the best issue of the arc yet. The story itself is picking up a lot of steam here, and for the first time so far we have a clear idea of where the story is eventually going to lead us. Story wise the issue is completely solid with King/Furth/David bringing the Dark Tower faithful some solid motives along with some great allegory scenes with the showdown at the Amoco Pumps, which is the rendered beautifully by Lee & Isanove. The fight itself is depicted with many vivid, oversized panels as well as a fantastic centerfold of the insanity of the cults worship. If you think religious fanatics are crazy now just wait till you read this issue.

It is also of note that Aileen’s feelings for Roland become more evident in this issue, an undertone that will prove to become a bit of a player as the story unfolds. For those that have read the novels by King and kept up with the ongoing Marvel serial you surely know what I mean.

The issue ends with Randolph’s master plan finally starting to show its ugly face with poor Sheemie finding himself in the middle once again, setting down the last of the dominoes that will begin the battle between The Good Man John Farson and Roland Deschains doomed ka’tet within the next two issues.

When all is done and read “THE DARK TOWER: BATTLE OF JERICHO HILL” #3 is yet another great issue in what is probably the best arc of the series so far. Peter David and Robin Furth do another admirable job bringing readers King’s story in the illustrated world, and Jae Lee and Richard Isanove are simply unbeatable force collaboratively. For the folks at Marvel this is one ka’tet that they had best hope never looses any of its ranks.

4 Out of 5



COVERS BY: Steve Kurth
WRITTEN BY: Peter David & Robin Furth
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Richard Isanove & Jae Lee
INKS: Array

“The horn of Eld has fallen into the hands of Roland as the forces of the Good Man John Farson prepare for their great battle against the Affiliation. The mammoth conflict that will engulf a kingdom and will be known in Mid-World history as the Battle of Jericho Hill! You must not miss it!”

This is it readers, the epic battle of the hill that will go down infamously in Mid-World history as the day all hope was lost! Farsons plan is now in full motion, and with the revelation that Randolph is a dissenter, Roland and the gunslingers have no choice but to fight. The covers for this one are MIND BLOWING, featuring some of the best that the series has seen. This is one that is not to be missed!

On Sale February 24th From Marvel Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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