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IDW Publishing Announces An All New ‘Angel’ Arc With ‘Barbary Coast’!

It has been nearly, oh, I don’t know, 5 years since I last watched a rerun of either Buffy or the spin-off Angel. I admit, my adolescent obsession with Buffy of course spurred me on to its counter part, and I have to say I never thought it ever quite obtained the same magic as the its bigger sister. (Or brother, hell, just take the figure of speech will ya?) I will say though that I did always wonder just where the pre-Edward fanged heartthrob came from, and now thanks to IDW Publishing my questions just might be answered as they look to drop a new 3 part mini that chronicles Angel’s past. Read on for the preview of “ANGEL: BARBARY COAST.

WRITTEN BY: Robert Tischman
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Franco Urru and Dan Panosian

“A recently souled Angel is on a quest for a “cure” in San Francisco when, of course, something goes horribly wrong. Seeking out a Chinese healer, Angel encounters a mysterious girl with a strange tattoo and quickly learns that life in early 1900’s America is full of surprises…”

“ANGEL: BARBARY COAST” #1 Hits Stores On April 28th From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)



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