Friday the 13th Part 3: 3-D


Having escaped in the last episode, Jason is back, hockey mask and all, to continue his murderous rampage across Crystal Lake.

  • jpugly13

    Man i wish that i would have been able to go to the theater and watch this one. This movie is so fun to watch and is really fun. I would have like to seen the 3D working though. I have alway like this one. The pure funny typical victims are there and that is always a good thing. This is a good start to the new friday the 13th feel that takes off after this.

  • ISurvivedCrystalLake

    This is my third favorite Friday movie.Everything about this movie totally rocks, including Jason getting his signature hockey mask. The kills are my favorite in this one, and i think that all the acting in this one is great.
    Kudos for you Friday The 13th: Part III

  • Slayer6(sic)6

    The first of the true JASON Friday the 13th’s!!!!

  • Anthropophagus

    Neither better or worse than the preceding two films.

  • MichaelMyers1031

    Not as good as the first two (actually not even close) still a fun film to watch probably the funnest if you saw it in 3D (which I didn’t) but they have showings sometime in the year at Toronto never went. Acting was far more worse then the first through not to high on the soundtrack. But still a decent film.

  • PromNight2008

    Very good, entertaining slasher. It was not as good as Part 2, but I think it was as good as part 1.

  • DiegOmen16

    The best in the series could of been done better i liked alot because it was the first time jason weared the hockey mask and because of the violence and sex.

  • halloweenfan

    Slacking movie for even a mediocre franchise.

  • Urdeadlyfriend

    Very cheesy, but i love it!

  • Protecious

    One of the funnest jason movies of the series, obviously one of the most famous because it introduced the infamous hockey mask!
    3D effects are cheesy watching them in non 3D format, i always wanted to watch this in real 3D in a theater sometime to see how eeffective the f/x were.

  • MichaelMyers7359

    A great horror classic, I highly recommend it, not only is this the movie where Jason gets his iconic hockey masks but it was also one of the most fun of the series whether you saw it in 3D or not, Like Parts 1, 2 and 4 this is a fun movie to watch, it has many inventive kills so go check it out

  • downward_spiral

    Wish I could have saw it in 3D but still an awesome movie.

  • TheRise24

    Mush Regarded As The Best In This Never Ending Series,Friday The 13th Packs A Punch With Its Gruesome And Titillating Scenes.

  • Kevlar

    GREAT movie. This one is the one where Jason gets his hockey mask.

  • jna

    One of the best of the series if not the best. The acting was great and the atmosophere was top notch. I think Richard Brooker was the best Jason of all. Cant wait for dvd release in 3D in Feb.

  • rusted31

    One of the best in the series for sure. This one , along with parts 2 and 4 had genuine fucking scares!!!! This is , of course, the one wear Jason gets his infamous hockey mask. The last 20 minutes of this one gets the blood pumping as Jason is chasing that poor girl though the house. The scene where she locks herself in the upstairs bedroom and watches through the keyhole as Jason comes charging with the axe is pants soiling stuff!! Jason seems so pissed off and vicious in Part 3. Great kills, great gore, great entry in the Friday cannon.

  • horrorking95

    It’s ok, but thats only because he has his hockey mask in this one it has a slow start and they don’t use the 3-d very well they use it for a yo yo! A YO YO FOR GODS SAKE! The endings the only good bit like Halloween
    Out Of

  • leatherfacekillserinfan1

    Once again just as good as the first 2. Jason was awesome and i just love this movie!!!!!! After seeing this Jason became tied as one of my favorite killers…tied with Leatherface of course!!!

  • TheBurning

    The Best Part 3 of any horror movie series. 2 more days till we get to see it in 3D.

  • Markrdi

    Friday the 13th part 3:3-D..what can I say?? After reading the now hard to find book version of the film I had high expectations…and I wasn’t disappointed…note there were some difference from the film and book…but who cares!!. It’s the classic film where Jason gets his Identity, the Hockey Mask…One the whole I still enjoy this film but find it lacking in something, which Friday the 13th Pt 2 had ( I saw Friday the 13th Pt2 after pt 3)… The only major downside is you can see the fishing wire on some of the visual effects and the actors positioning broom handles to give the “3-D” effects….apart from this all in all it’s a classic film and a must watch for all fans.

  • horrorfan25

    Friday the 13th Part 3: 3-D is so far my favorite Friday the 13th film. Yes, I did view the film in 3-D, the anaglyph version, with the red and blue glasses. I came with high expectations and even then the movie surpassed my expectations.

    Steve Miner is yet back again after his success of Friday the 13th Part 2, now he’s come to make another Friday the 13th movie in three dimensions. This is the film where Jason gets his infamous hockey mask and this is the film that started the catchy disco techno theme. The film is basically the same plot, as the first two. Teenagers come to Camp Crystal Lake having fun, until Jason is in the way killing the teenagers one by one.

    While the 3-D isn’t perfect, it still is acceptable. There is 3-D shots of eyeballs, popcorn, snakes, cigarettes, and did I mention machetes? The climax in this film is easily the best climax I have ever seen in a film. The body count is certainly higher than the first two and features, you guessed it, more blood, in 3-D! The acting is surprisingly good in this film. The teenagers are more likable and do less stupid things like in the first film.

    Overall, Friday the 13th Part 3: 3-D is easily the best Friday the 13th film I’ve seen. Of course, I’ve only seen the first three, but the film is still good. The 3-D isn’t as good as today’s but it’s still pretty good. The scares, the gore, and the body count are way higher and the acting is definitely an improvement. Two reasons to see it alone: Jason gets his hockey mask, the disco techno theme.

  • jason’s ultimate fan

    saw the original version online, can’t wait for the day i get the 3-d dvd!

  • randomrick

    i love jason..and i love this movie pretty freakin awsome!

  • UndeadWalrus

    I’m a big fan of Friday the 13th eversince I got the box set for it for Christmas 2008. This one though is my favourite part of the series because it’s the one where he get’s the hockey mask that’s made him so distinguishable.

    Other facts I like about it is the one where he chops the guy doing the handstands almost in half, there was humour that I enjoyed, especially the hippies. I also liked it how he ruined the romance with the guy who was depicted as pathetic with that forign lass, cause he would of gotten her in a movie like that if it wasn’t a horror of course. Plus the final battle between the him and his last victim was alright.

    Problems with it though, was for one the biker gang leader got back up after just being carved up the first time with only blood sliding from his head. The part where Jason gets chopped by his own machete was cool as blazes, but he puts his arms up very stupidly that makes me laugh more than go ‘Oh my lord’ and think how almost unbeatable he is. Plus I would of liked to see the pathetic guy getting slit as a preference (And to add a third thing to my list)

    Overall awesome, I hope they don’t stop making Friday the 13th movies, they are true horror.

  • Skratchy

    Ha ha! Not particularly great but the final confrontation with Jason is really cool.

    The 3D scenes seem totally ridiculous when viewed normally. Almost as a cheesy joke really. But that’s part of it’s appeal, I s’pose.

  • GRUDGE4life

    Amazing! not livin up to the hype that it builds though…

  • Chadinator92

    Friday the 13th Part III was so good that I have watched it the most out of all the series of Friday the 13th. There’s really not much I have to say except that this film was flawless!

  • Mayhem

    Finally available in a official 3-D release the fx hold up quite nice (if your tv setting are adjusted to display ‘em good). This one will always be remembered as the first appearance of the infamous hockey mask. It’s also where Jason begins to hit his own stride, solid entry to the series all around.

  • ukbeast

    the best! classic 80s ace kills too,he also bears the hockey mask for the first time,thanks to the dim shelly lucky jason never picked up on some of hes other masks they were pretty lame,and yeah 3d added 4extra kicks you just cant beat it altough part 6 and 4 give it arun for its money.

  • Quint’s Machete

    Great flick, I love the dream sequence near the end when Jason is clawing at the window. That image has always stuck with me. It is interesting how he sorta’ mutates into a taller & more muscular killer. At least we find out from Part 3 that Ginny was the lone survivor in part 2, & that Paul DID in fact get killed. *Listen closely to the news report in the beginning of the film*!!! Vera was HOTTT!!!

  • BK’s Finest

    Kinda stupid.
    Anyway, not as good as the first one but, still better than the part 2


  • YoungHorror

    Not my favorite Friday film, but still a decent followup. It’s overall a pretty cheesy movie, but has its moments. It is mostly known for its catchy new theme music, and the unveiling of the notorious hockey mask!

  • .::DyingBreed::.

    not as good as the 2nd but still decent

  • ActionJackson

    This Movie now has me torn these Days! Although still one of my Favorites in the Friday the 13th Series, but the 3D affects even on the standard Version “basically non 3D” kindof get in the way, unless its comming right at you “Hot Poker, spear from a spear Gun, etc etc” these affects look silly and distracting! With that said, I can go on the record and say I saw this Movie the first time it came out, I was still a Kid and just getting into Horror Movies, it was me, my Sister and a bunch of neighborhood Kids and we stood in line for probably over 2-3 hours to catch the next showing, and yes, it was selling out faster than David Lee Roth at a Van Halen Concert, anyways, needless to say, well worth the wait, I remember it was tagged as “Super 3D” and it sure was, to this day, I haven’t seen 3D like it, this latest Crop of 3D Movies well, visually, it sucks, but this was awsome! To make a long story short, this remained one of my Favorites! Weird thing is, this Movie littery takes place like the next Day from pt2, so does that mean its really Saturday the 14th? Also, Jason sure did change alot from one evening to the next, I’ve been known to grow a 5o’clock Shadow in the course of a Day but this, cummon. With those nit picks out of the way, this Movie is actually enjoyable, Dana Kimmel makes a fine addition to a “Jason” Girl, the equivalent of the “Bond” Girl I suppose, and that quick little “back story” about her chance meeting with Jason the first time is Intriquing, makes you wonder if old Jason “Got Some”, anyways, the Kills are Inventive, especially in the 3D format, I still love the Spear Gun in the Eye Bit, and of course this ones mostly known for the “Birth” of the Hockey Mask! I can’t help but wonder who’s Idea was that, I mean A HOCKEY MASK? But after this Movie, you could not watch the Others without making the Connection back to this one, everytime I’d see that mask on Screen, I’d think, poor Shelly, that was his Mask, or the “Ax” Indention in the forehead of the Mask and think, I remember when Chris Popped him good in the Head and everyone thought he was Dead til of course pt4 came along. Anyways, on a closing Note, I recently bought the 3D vertsion on Dvd, and this also makes me torn on this one, as much as I enjoyed the 3D the first time around, and I got used to the Non 3D format all these Years with Home Viewing, the new 3D version, well to put it simply, “SUCKS ASS”! I feel I’ve wasted Money for it’s strictly in 3D format and the 3D is terrible at Home! I know this has nothing to do with the Movie itself, but I just felt like Venting!! Anyways, Friday the 13th Rules, or at least up to the “Final Chapter” After that, hmmmmm, Not so Much….

  • LuJr81

    his is one of my favorite fridays, I just got the new 3d dvd release and love it. Even though you could watch it in 2d and it’ll still be just as good. And this film is also the birth of the iconic hockey mask.

  • Horror Chase

    One of the best Friday films, and he gets the Iconic Hockey mask we all know and love.

  • Bostic101

    I grew up around family who watched tons of horror and from 7yrs old to 21yrs old i have to say this still stands as one of my favorite horror movies. I don’t know what it is about this film that keeps me watching time and time again. I think the 3D wasn’t needed and lame but still fun

  • googoomuck

    Third? haha hell yeah… tis one got better…the legendary mask! and the things flying to the screen of the tv,i didnt get to see it in 3D cause i wasnt even born by then but damn i wish i would have… and now i had the mask in my head.

  • evil_ash86

    the first 3 Friday the 13ths are the best, and they always will be.

    Jason finally gets his hockey mask, and it’s entertaining enough.

    i think the funniest part would have to be when the hippies ate cigarettes to avoid cops when it turns out the cops weren’t after them

  • josh’snewnightmare

    This is my fav in the series. Who is a fan of this series forget the movie that Jason first discovers and puts on the hockey mask? I know I never will.

  • bloodnguts313

    ok six and a half

  • CountOrlok

    Probably my favourite of the ‘Friday’ films. The film has great atmosphere with the barn in the woods at night. Has that classic, old-school 80s feel you get from these films.

    Jason gets his hockey mask in this one and what I like is he is still human. I also like his face the best in this one.

    Dana Kimmel is a great ‘final girl’ and she really gave Jason a beating.

    The 3D effects are a little cheesy though especially if you watch it in 2D.

  • JoshG16

    All I can say is A Bloody good Gore 3D early 80′s Horror Movie form a Fantiscits Horror series. Lv It!!!

  • Struckworld

    This movie is pretty sweet! I love to watch it in 3-D!

  • Eddie Vorhees

    The 2 first are better, but in this, Jason is amazing!

  • Evil Thing

    this is a great 80′s small budget camp slasher film that set the tone for all that followed. some great eye candy that you really want too see more of but you will just have to dream. a b-movie classic.

  • bloodypacman

    yeah,hockey mask.3Ds a little nauseating but its cool.

  • jigkiller

    To this epic-horror I will write my longest review ever.

    The film picks up with what would be called now these days `Saw-Context’. The film can be watched during the day but is much more better off being watched after dark. The film’s opening scenes will be a bit dull at first but interesting and to women who will start out on this film watching horror films will say it’s too scary. Friday The 13th Part 3-D has many eye popping excitement in the film. The story is nicely put and the opening kills made me have a nightmare. Yes me!. As it made me dream of being trapped in a mental hospital with Jason Voorhees I now realize this may be the best one since it gives me dreams. Friday The 13th Part 2 seems outdated after watching this one. Friday 3 takes the story up at least five levels and kicks it to being the second best with #1 in the top spot. The story of Chris made me really interested in the plot points a bit more. (Dana Kimmell shows all actress how to fill in a horror-role). The scares with her character keep me looking at the screen.

    The other story’s of the biker gang had me looking forward to more kills. The two characters whom I forget their names that got into the mishap with the bikers in the store in town made me giggle a little and say “There in deep shit now.”.

    I really loved thee setting’s of this one. Though I have seen them all I am re-watching them all to get the story straight. I think this one is really entertaining. Coming from Jason’s biggest fan I have to say what they do with his character and his mothers keeps the level straight and I do have to input that Michael Myers wasn’t horror until Halloween (2007). This is horror not thriller. This film’s mid-half gets the story setting’s in place and after watching the first half you’re like thinking `How did they do this?’ honestly this low-budget film along with other low-budget classics prove money isn’t everything to horror. I really think the pacing is also important here I was writing about what I do think of the film that WILL bore people who will take the time to read this. Jason Voorhees IS horror that’s the point after the first film showed us Horror the second film showed up Thriller/Suspense and the third film shows us Horror once again the point of this film is that Chris didn’t think she would ever face her nightmares but finally does and goes crazy (not psycho) but this is grade A horror film.

    The ending half had ME thinking ‘they won’t kill him off’ It’s fun how they don’t input this is THE FINAL CHAPTER then do NEW CHAPTER!. So the kills are fun shit really the film is a classic anf it fun it will keep you tagged into this film franchise.


  • kryptonite_soul

    little over reliant on gimmicks for me and the 3d stuff kinda got on my nerves in places, but on the whole not too bad

  • MattHorror

    Great 3D movie for the 80′s

  • Chuckers

    Man do I remember watching this movie “back in the day”- I was 12 and thie movie scarred me $hitless! I remember the score too-wonderfull It was my first 13th movie. I watched it over my neighbors and I can’t believe a movie like this could work being filmed mostly in the daytime! Just a creepy setting and LOVED the nerdy guy in the movie. He is my fave in the series! ( and it was his hockey mask that set off the most noticeable horror costume of all time)-just brillant!!

  • victor crowley3

    awesome movie to watch in 3d with friends, i hated that rick guy, wich made it all the better to see his skull crushed.

  • Lyssa284225

    one of the best


    it is a great film with one of my favorite final girls chris and its the first film where we get jason with the hockey mask ! and the deaths are great i would give it a 65

  • Morthalius

    Another quality slasher from the series.

  • Fanofhorror

    I like this movie so much more then Friday 13th part 2 , it was more scary, more creepy and even more nudity and Jason was so much more scary.

    t takes while for kills to start again but it was worth the wait, as some really great gory deaths scenes in this movie and I really like the deaths scenes in 3D was fantastic. As this Friday 13th movie don’t expect the acting to be great.

    The 3D in this movie was spot on (Unlike The Final Destination 3D was poor but My Bloodly Valertine remake had great 3D but poor on the plot wise) Friday 13th part 3 outstanding on plot and the 3D effects.

  • Remember Slithis?

    Classic!The introduction of an Icon”The Hockey Mask”!3d was cheesey but still fun!Every thing you would want in a Friday The 13TH movie.

  • JigsawKiller222

    Great Friday the 13th classic 80s feel and great murder seqences.

  • STRIK9

    Fuck these idiots on here.This is THE best entry outta this series.The harpoon through that chick’s eye is classic.

  • H2SororityProof

    A very good and fun sequel. :)

  • Bytor

    The hockey mask was a nice upgrade from that potato sack with eye holes. A new face of terror for generations to come. Classic.

  • zuggernaught

    What? I haven’t reviewed this film… fuck it same as 1 & 2! See them own them or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thewolfmancometh

    I’m sure the argument can be made that this movie is only worth seeing if you see it in 3D. I’m willing to make the opposite argument and say it is hilarious in 2D because of all the moments the point shit at the camera. The wackiness of it and nonsense totally make this worth watching, even without the glasses. More information here:

  • ogdredvonweary

    Jason wears the mask and an icon is born! The DVD for this came with 3D glasses and, while probably not as good as when it was in theatres, still adds a really fun new dimension to the series.

  • man_in_mask

    Very entertaining Friday the 13th movie, and Jason gets his famous hockey mask. When they tried to do the 3D, it’s a little bit cheesy, but that just adds to the fun of it.

  • Jami84

    Whoo-hoo, we have a hockey mask! The movies just get better as they go on.

  • Zombie Apoc

    kinda cheesy and less enjoyable, but still pretty good, i liked the mask and the twist with the end lacking a little but still good

  • Antanis Shearer

    This was the first one I ever saw but was only the 2nd half of it I found the whole final chase to be really thrilling. Richard Brooker is my favorite Jason he is the most creepy and threatening looking of them all, he should have reprized his role at least once. The movie is scarier in the 3D version despite quite a few of the effects not working most of the good ones come out at you e.g. arrow gun. I found the window scene really creepy first time I saw it. It is pretty gimmicky with the 3D in a lot of scenes but makes up for it with the death scenes and final chase. I also see this as the first true introduction to Jason because this has the look that would be continued throughout the series even for different killers you know who i’m talking about :L

  • udopreeck