Friday The 13th VI: Jason Lives


Tommy returns to the grave to make sure Jason is dead and accidently brings him back to life. Now it’s up to Tommy to stop Jason’s mindless killing and put him back where he belongs.

  • CampBlood1980

    Are you kidding me? This guy think’s this one is the best of the franchise. What kind of crack are you smoking bro? Jason actually had ‘man-boobs” in this movie. There was absolutely no suspense, and was cheesy, cheesy, cheesy. Part 4 should have really been the Final Chapter.

  • cwatts

    `I’ve seen enough horror movies to know any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly.’, 9 February 2003

    The first of the Friday movies to introduce a supernatural element, this may have led to the execrable Jason Goes To Hell, but is introduced here with considerable style. As with the title quote, It’s more knowing than usual, and while not clever enough to be considered post-modern, it still amuses on occasion. One of the funniest bits is the title sequence, where Jason does a Bond-spoofing `gunshot walk’.

    Fantasy had flittered around the series right from the start: Jason was a deformed mutant living underwater, and the sequels had seen him take would-be fatal blows yet survive. Here though he’s resurrected by lightning.

    None of the films from the third onwards could even remotely be considered scary, so Jason Lives inserts comedy characters to pep things up. It’s quite funny seeing Jason doing his usual stalk `n’ slash through the woods… only to bump into some executives playing paintball. One of the subtler jokey references is a momentary shot of Jean Paul Satre’s `No Exit’, which is a nice touch.

    This time around the camp workers have small children to look after, so the usual `horny teens take their clothes off’ scenes are notable by their absence. This also creates a narrative problem in that you know no film would show infanticide and so you also know the children are intrinsically safe.

    Some of the exposition is a little heavy, the dialogue often dumb, but at other times it can be humorous, as with the following exchange:

    `Why don’t you at least call the camp and make sure everything’s alright?’ `We have. Tried to track you down, the phone there’s disconnected.’ `Doesn’t that tell you something?’ `Yeah, they should have paid their bill.’

    Direction is also above average for the franchise, with a nicely shot climatic underwater sequence. 5/10.

  • Dallas13

    One Of my favorite slasher movies of all time

  • jpugly13

    Man this resurection scene still hangs with me. I love to watch this one. While this movie begins to draw out and feel long, the beginning of this is great. I hope that this finish to 4 and 5 makes you happy. Part 6 is pretty good and hope that you enjoy.

  • Slayer6(sic)6

    I saw this movie yesterday and I still haven’t even seen the 5th. Great movie though…

  • Anthropophagus

    The addition of humour here did, for sure, make the franchise temporarily less unbearable, but unfortunately for whoever made this, it didn’t make it funnier – and somehow made it even less funny to watch than the previous films.

  • MichaelMyers1031

    This one of my favorites in the series, smart move bringing Jason back this time he was the new Jason Voorhees who wasn’t as creepy this time different and not that scary. But this is still one of the best in the series the killings were done well I really liked the opening scene huge improvement from part 5. I really liked the gore in this. Thought the ending was done great overall this was truly a great sequel had some comedy but I thought it still went well. Highly recommended sequel.

  • DiegOmen16

    YUCK! i smell another stinkin shitty balls sequel of the friday the 13th series with stupid deaths,stupid story and stupid everything i say this this is the forth worse movie of the series

  • halloweenfan

    Lame. This movie sucks.

  • Urdeadlyfriend

    Great return of Jason.

  • Protecious

    probably the best and funnest of the whole series, a unlikely resurrected through lightning jason returns to kill again after being raised from the dead, the first of the zomie era jason vorhees.

  • my name is unknown


  • downward_spiral

    Once agian pretty much the same as the others but Jason is just a badass mofo.

  • Kevlar

    This was actually a good movie. It was a little corny but it has some good scares.

  • bdwolfe312

    This is one of my favorites of the series. It was great seeing ol’freddy from ROTLD starring (man, that guy had a good year in 1986). Incredibly corny all of the way through, and definately a defining moment for the series being a notorious slap in the face to critics that continues to bring in bank year after year. I’m sad that the series has come to the point of remakes, but if that is what it takes to go on, SO BE IT! LONG LIVE JASON!

  • kweandee

    Great movie…deinately my favorite of the series. Love them all though :)

    except Jason X…grrrr…lol

  • Screamer

    Loved this one. Fun cheesey horror.

  • rusted31

    The start of Jason The Zombie Years. Not a bad Friday film, good kills and blood but not scary. The scares died with Jason in The Final Chapter. I Liked that they continued with the Tommy storyline and that he was the one who killed him and bought him back to life. This is where comedy started to creep into the series starting with the James Bond walk opening. Better than Part 5 but not as good as the first 4.

  • halloween9movie

    Finally Jason has turned into a zombie this movie has to be the best friday the 13th movie i hope the remake does better though

  • Quint’s Machete

    Overall, it’s not a terrible film. I like the opening sequence with the storm approaching. The creepy atmosphere with the woods, lake, ect. The dog eating the roadkill, leading to the conversation between Haas & Tommy. I think they could have done without the whole paintball sequence. C.J. Graham was great as Jason. The scene where the guy catches Jason hacking up the caretaker, & then Jason turns abruptly to the right & sees him, is one of my favs. Sissy getting her head twisted off like a bottle-cap, the sheriff getting bent backwards until his spine snaps. Good, but not great. It has it’s moments though. Worth a viewin’!!!

  • TheBurning

    Wow! Just a great comeback. This movie rocked. I love the He’s Back song by Alice Cooper

  • Markrdi

    This film I hold dear to my heart. It was the first Friday the 13th film I ever watched…It was on TV over the Halloween period of 1993…and It gave me nightmares hahaha…Looking back now I can laugh. I do feel that the film has been heavily edited, cos some of the deaths seem abrupt unlike the early films….perhaps this was the work of the “evil” BBFC… I can’t really fault this film (biased I know)…I can overlook the Frankenstein intro and how clique it is. But hell it was the 80′s. Friday the 13 Pt VI is the last decent entry in the series….as for Part VII don’t get me started!!!!

  • zombiefan09

    This is one of the better and one of my favorite Friday the 13th movies. It’s different. It’s not just horny teenagers in an abandoned house and Jason happens to show up and kill them which about 4 sequels are. Tommy Jarvis wants to make sure Jason is dead. (Pretend Part V never happened!) Him and a friend go to the cemetery to make sure, but Tommy accidentally brings Jason back to life. This is the one where Jason becomes more of a zombie and walks, instead of running. Tommy gets thrown in jail, and the Sheriff’s daughter, Meagan begins to have a crush on Tommy. Camp Crystal Lake has been renamed to Forrest Green because no one wants to remember about Jason. Later, Meagan helps Tommy break out of jail so he can go to Crystal Lake and stop Jason once and for all. I highly recommend FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES!!!

    p.s. I can’t wait for the remake!

  • JonnyRotten

    Best of the series IMO. If you like F13 movies and you havn’t seen this one you are in for a treat.

  • Necronatalusz

    Pretty good movie.

  • jason’s ultimate fan

    pure awesome

  • BloodCount

    Well what do you say. I can’t say that this is the best but it is not the worst but i still hate. Is it the humor or is it the fact that the old prowler in the woods with a deformed face that we all loved is gone and instead there is a skeleton faced zombie that is not scary at all since there is no reality in it . Well all that and more makes this movie suck.

    I still think it is the best of the zombie Jason films but the putting humor in a friday film is just a bad idea. If you are going to have ANY humor in a horror film leave it to Freddy Krueger not to some cheering kids that you wish Jason had killed. And that leaves us to the kids in this movie. They don’t seem to be scared at all. Just some little girl gets scared while the others are cheering when Tommy fights Jason and jokes about their situation.

    What makes this movie better than the other zombie Jason films is the intro scene that is the best scene in the entire movie. I would have liked the end if there where no cheering kids in it but still i think they should have stopped at part 4. Friday the 13th 1-4 is some of the best horror movies indeed. After hearing about how good this overratet friday movie was i really expected more.

  • randomrick

    its ok kinda one of the goofier ones i think but its ok.

  • That Dead Guy

    “So, what WERE you gonna be when you grew up?”

    That’s just one of the stand out lines in this killer addition to the saga of Jason Voorhees. I know that there are some out there who don’t like the idea of mixing horror with a generous splash of comic relief, but this was done with a deft hand and executed well.

    Ironically enough, many of the horror “hardcores” out there seem to be forgetting a little film called SCREAM, which was pretty much held the same idea of mixing potent terror with biting comedy. Oddly enough, Tom McLaughlin and crew never really got the credit they deserved for delivering such a slam bang combo here.

  • Camp Blood 101

    my second favorite friday the 13th

  • Skratchy

    Leagues better than the fifth. Everything about this movie is cool. It was almost the first self aware slasher movie (though Scream often gets that credit).

    Great effects, the REAL return of Jason and one of the coolest final confrontations in slasher history really make this movie shine.

  • kyle.voorhees

    Without a doubt this is the best Friday The 13th movie ever made. The movie has everything you could ask for from a Friday movie, and then a little more.

  • horrorfan25

    Jason Lives is definitely an improvement from its previous mediocre predecessor and actually featured Jason. While the film is an introduction to the Jason zombie era, it still is a fun slasher flick and a solid entry in the series. Here’s why.

    The pacing in this movie is probably the best. The characters are all fun and are never obnoxious, they’re actually the best. The kills were fast and upbeat, while also being violent and gruesome. Jason was pretty kick-butt here and was awesome. Did I mention the kills were great?

    I highly recommend this sequel to avid Jason fans or people who love horror in general. Sure, it’s not scary, but those are not it’s intentions. Great kills, great acting, and brisk pacing is all what lies in this solid entry.

  • ukbeast

    An absolute CLASSIC i can watch this movie over an over again in fact im gonna put it on now.

  • Chadinator92

    I love this one! Pretty cool work on the death scenes and it is totally not a bad movie in the series of Friday the 13th.

  • Mayhem

    The birth of “Zombie-Jason”, Tom Mcloughlin is having fun with the series and it shows. The last really fun Jason film, the series just goes downhill from here which does nothing but help to raise this one more.

  • YoungHorror

    A pretty good one, but tries to be funny and doesn’t really stick with the horror and suspense, but still a good flick. I’m glad Jarvis is back, but sad that it’s not Corey Feldman… :(

  • skatekid95

    its a great jason flick, one of my favs

  • Bostic101

    I really enjoyed Jason Lives. I felt the movie had alot to offer for being Part VI: which means alot in the seies has already occured. The smiley face is just classic. Nothing but love for this great movie.

  • evil_ash86

    now you’d think after A New Beginning (to a box office flop!) they’d stop continuing the Friday the 13th franchise, but they decided to ruin the franchise by making Jason come back to life and kill of all the actors so that the franchise will fall, but the actors aren’t giving up a fight. they’ll keep this franchise from falling whether Jason likes it or not!

  • bloodnguts313

    this was good..kinda

  • Eddie Weinbauer

    Might be my favorite of the series.

  • Struckworld

    This movie is hardcore! Jason rips a guys heart out! That’s badass!

  • Mushroomhead2031

    This is probably the last great Friday The 13th film in the franchise until it got shit! This is one of my favorite Jasons, CJ Graham is my 2nd to last favorite, Kane Hodder coming 1st and Derek Mears 3rd. This movie was and still is fun to watch, love the atmosphere and its a true classic!

  • CountOrlok

    Cheesy addition to the series. I was hoping all the characters die. I seriously hated all of them. Tommy Jarvis was especially annoying.

    Apart from the cool Jason kills there is no other reason to watch this movie.

  • Evil Thing

    This was a good jason film esp for being the sixth one. But I could of done without the Alice Cooper songs thou.
    the Title sequence is classic ( my name is Voorhees, Jason Voorhees.)

    the caretaker looking at the audience “Some folks have a strange idea of entertainment”
    Hell yes we do mf.

  • CasioArgento

    Part 6 and Part 4 are by far my favourite Jason-Movies.

    JASON LIVES is so enjoyable… the ComicBook-Like Style of the Movie, the great Kills, the Awesome Jason-Makeup – and of course ALICE COOPER-MUSIC!

    In the old VHS-Days i watched this Movie almost every Week.

    Strong 9 out of 10

  • jigkiller

    Great intertaining film. 8/10.

  • Zombie Apoc

    My favorite Friday movie. Jason has some Kick Ass kills and the atmosphere is just plain creepy. Would recommend to any one who likes slashers. and even if you don’t watch this anyway

  • Jason4eva

    This one and four are the best of all! Yes I’m even counting the original!

  • bloodypacman

    3rd best in the series.

  • victor crowley3

    loved the lighting in this one. they did a great job making jason unstoppable.

  • Morthalius

    A strong entry.


    this is my fav one of the series. i enjoyed this one the most out of all of the. but part VII. is good too.

  • stutts59

    Thank you for part 6.I thought they had killed the series with part 5.Thom Matthews did a good job as Tommie.”Things that go bump in the night”

  • STRIK9

    Better than 5,but thi is where the series started really getting corny.Soundtrack and all.

  • Fanofhorror

    The deaths scenes were okay but were not as gory as the other movies.

    This has so much more humour and it not as dark as the others one (I did laugh a lot at the jokes and there no nudity in this movie at all.

    The acting was really good from most (not all) of cast even the little kids were good.

    I Would have been happy if the series ended like this.

  • H2SororityProof

    I really liked it!

  • H2SororityProof

    I really liked it!

  • LoneWolfx

    Great film.

  • Jason’s 13th victim

    Before Britian actually caught up with America and got a thing called Satellite TV, the only Friday the 13th movies to actually be shown on any of the 4 channels we had, was this instalment and Jason Takes Manhatten…..this really does say something because of all the entries, these two are the least brutal, the least scary and don’t seem to garner up the same hatred and disdain as the other entries do. This film is still a great Frday the 13th movie and is far from the worst, but this film lacks from the real feel of a Friday movie….they’re more tongue-in-cheek, less on-screen violence and a more coherent Jason. In this entry Jason appears more co-ordinated than before, he even seems more human and seems to have more intelligence. His clothes are a little cleaner and less ragged, his trousers even to hint at a nice pert bum and he even seems to be a little more aware of who he is and what he’s doing, yes this might add something different, but it also takes away the real nastiness that Friday the 13th used to bring. Although heavily cut, the movies’ kills are not all that spectacular, some are inventive, but in order to boost the body-count a lot of the kills are quick, dull machete kills. Another thing that takes the feel away from the other movies is the fact that many of the characters are not connected to each other so it’s hard to get an atmosphere going of a camp in peril……the cast of children give the film a softer feel too..hence why this is the entry that is shown on British TV the most….a nice change for a Friday movie…but one Friday comedy is all we really need….keep them horror movies….not comedy-horror movies….

  • crazyhorror

    Friday The 13th Part 6 Jason Lives is the best in the Friday The 13th trilogy since Part 7 The New Blood. The plot in this movie is really interesting and dark. I really enjoyed Jason Lives so far. What’s great about Friday The 13th Part 6 is that Jason is not a mortal human being. Instead here in Part 6 this is an immortal, undead and zombified verison of Jason which is the first time he appeared as an undead human being in a Friday The 13th film. This movie has more scares and it is really suspenceful so far. It’s not as gory as the other Friday The 13th films but there is one scene that is really gory and it’s the scene after Jason tries to kill Tommy Jarvis in the cemetary after a bolt of lightning struct his entire body and he kills Tommy’s best friend with one punch to the heart that is a really gory scene. The badly rotted face of Jason (in which the worms and bugs keep eating his face) is also a great make up in Part 6 which makes this movie even better. The kills here aren’t as bloody as Part 7 but all of the kills in this movie are intense and freaky as well. The R.V. scene where Jason kills the girl and the boy inside the R.V. was a really intense and scary scene because in that scene Jason kills the girl by ramming her head in the mirror of the bathroom in the R.V. and he sneaks up slowly behind the boy and stabs him in the head with a knife that was a really scary and intense scene. Oh and let’s not forget when Jason kills four people who are holding paintball guns in the woods that was also a scary and intense scene. Other parts of the film really freaked me out so far. The acting is also good all the casts from the film did a great job with their performances in the film so far. Director Tom McLoughlin finally bought the series back to its serious roots after the success of the first three Friday The 13th films. Overall Jason Lives is the best in the Friday The 13th trilogy along with The New Blood, Jason Goes To Hell, The original Friday The 13th and it’s first two sequels (2 and 3) along with the 2009 reboot.

  • Bytor

    Could be the best of them all. Jason is a total bad ass in this movie. Perhaps that lightening strike further fueled his hatred for horny teenagers. I think I crapped myself when I saw this as a kid.

  • thewolfmancometh

    Oh I get it now, Jason is a zombie. Or, maybe not a zombie, but a Frankenstein. He is brought back to life by lightning! Everything makes sense now! I’m surprised that not only can so many people sit through all of these movies, but can sit there and actually commend the movie. Am I high? Is there something I just don’t get? Jason would be crying in his watery grave if he saw what he was becoming. More information here:

  • ogdredvonweary

    While it has one of the most bad-ass openings to the series and a great ending, everything in between is pretty lame. It’s a Friday the 13th movie for the masses, not the hardcore fans. The movie turns Jason into a joke and he’s a total pussy in this movie. It takes every bad cliche about 80s horror movies and turns it up to 11: terrible score (I DARE you to listen to Man Behind the Mask by Alice Cooper), very tame and non-gory deaths, and really unfunny humor (American xpress card, the paintballers, etc.). I love Jason and Friday the 13th, but I really don’t understand all the love for this movie. It’s not bad, it just takes Jason in a mainstream direction that doesn’t live up to what made the first four so good.

  • man_in_mask

    This is my favorite in the series.

  • Jami84

    Love, love, love this entry into the Friday the 13th series. In particular I love that we finally get away from the typical group of teens in a house deal and get back to the camp! Death scenes did not really disappoint me all that much. It is an 80′s slasher movie, let it be what it is.

  • Bubbleman

    Best sequel of the friday the 13th films.

  • Antanis Shearer

    This one stands out, it refreshed the series by adding supernatural elements, humor, self reference and of course brought back Jason as a zombie. This movie is pretty fun it’s not really meant to be scary or taken seriously also great soundtrack Alice Cooper can’t go wrong there :D I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t follow with Tommy becoming the killer I thought that would’ve been interesting but this is who the fans wanted back and what a return it was!

  • udopreeck