The Gruesome Twosome

release date August 28 1967
studio New Star Video
director Herschell Gordon Lewis
writer Allison Louise Downe
starring Gretchen Wells, Elizabeth Davis
tagline The most barbaric humor since the guillotine went out of style!

The Gruesome Twosome

gruesome 2 The Gruesome TwosomeHG Lewis is the ultimate cheese master, and this gory little flick is indeed cheesy?
Made years before most of us were probably born, the story (and I call it that loosely) concerns the murderous ways of Mrs. Pringle and her demented son Rodney, who slaughter young co ed students to get their hair to sell as wigs. That?s the plot folks – no deep meaning here – exploitative gore just for the hell of it.

Now, although made thousands of years ago (well, in the late 60′s) this film delivers the gore in extreme measures – even by today?s standards.

gruesome 1 The Gruesome TwosomeHighlights include the scalping of a chick with an electric knife, a machete midsection dissection, a gratuitous eye poke, plus more stabbings, slashings etc….. and some of the noises are el sicko!!!!

It is so great to see films made by people just for gores sake, and HG Lewis clearly had fun with this one.

If you can tolerate the bizarre opening, the 60′s beach music and costuming, plus of course the cardboard acting, than check out THE GRUESOME TWOSOME now – but for those who cant stand gore – don?t you dare see it !!!!!

I will give more Lewis reviews later, but for now check out THE GRUESOME TWOSOME, then see BLOOD FEAST 2 – not much has changed !!!

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