The Gruesome Twosome


Mrs. Pringle and her son Rodney run a wig store which they stock by scalping young coeds who show up to look at the “room for rent.” Meanwhile at the local college, Kathy is determined to figure out who is killing her classmates, much to boyfriend Dave’s irritation. When her friend Dawn disappears, Kathy gets closer to the truth as she begins investigating the Pringle’s lair.

  • flesheater123

    LOL. this movie is the random movie you’ll ever see. The gore is pretty good and pretty violent when you consider it was made in 1967. For today’s standards it’s more laughable. But I had a good time watching the annoying mystery girl solve some mystery’s. Got love the random girl who looked 12 but was prob 30. Good stuff. I saw this and something weird. I lean more towards liking this one.