Dr Butcher MD (aka Zombie Holocaust)


A mad scientist lives at an molukk island inhabited by cannibals. He experiments with corpses which he reanimates to zombies…

  • cold13

    My friend bought this in a 3pk of zombie movies and we watched it when we got back. Details of the film are a bit blurry to me, but all I remember was laughing at how ridiculous this movie was. Yes, there was gore, but as far as zombies go there were way more cannibals to zombies in this film. It was almost like a ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ with zombies thrown in just to have them in there. The scientist did explain the deal with the zombies, but this isn’t until the last minutes of the movie.

    Unless you’ve got $5 you’ve stolen or you download this movie from some torrent site, I would only recommend this movie for the pure comedy of it, along with some decent gore.

  • thedescent08

    this movie is the fucking awesome! i love cannibal flicks.!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dainzig

    Very, very cool atmosphere in this film and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It runs a bit slow in the beginning but picks up. It definitely kept my interest in watching. There certainly isnt much to do with zombies in this film but is a fun film none the less. Mine came with the Shriek Show 3 pack which was a steal at $14. I still give it a high rating for keeping me glued. Thanks!

  • draculaghost


  • gorehound62

    fun little cannibal/zombie flick. a great combination in one great movie. its your typical run of the mill cheesey low budget acting, but who cares about that. reminds me of a clash of cannibal holocaust, and fulci’s zombi. leave your brain at the door fun. enjoy.


  • Necronatalusz

    Amazing horror movie.

  • Lysol

    Dr. Butcher M.D. Film Review
    What do ripped out hearts, hacked off limbs, head trauma, zombies,cannibals,mad scientists, and terrible dialogue have in common? Well, they are all showcased in the beautifully horrendus film Dr. Butcher M.D./ Zombie Holocaust. With all of that lovely depravity going on what is not to like about this film? Well, in short, NOTHING!

    Our lovely little Grindhouse gem starts off just like most late 70′s early 80′s shlock fests…in the heart of New York City. Apparently there is some Crazy motherfuckers on the loose who take pleasure in stealing the limbs from cadavers. I can personally see how quickly this could become a habit ( because it sounds like so much damn fun!) and it does so for our unseen antagonist. We are introduced to the lovely Lori and her Co-worker Dr. Drake ( who has some of the best dialouge in the movie) teaching a live anatomy class. This and that happens and Lori meets up with the tremendous Ian McCulloch who plays kick ass Dr. Peter Chandler. They decide to investagate the mysterious crimes and end up in a remote primitive island. Blood starts to flow ( actually it’s been flowing the whole time) and the terrifying seceret of the island is slowly revealed…you know what happens next.

    Zombie Holocaust was obviously a cash -in project of two great exploitation films, Zombi and Cannibal Holocaust, going into the movie having experianced both of those wonderfully messy films i was not expecting to much from this bad boy. But, to my suprise, I was force fed my own preconceptions in the form of a rotting maggot filled peice of flesh. To put it mildly this film kicked the shit out of me and then feasted on my remains.

    From the start if this movie i knew i was in for a treat. As soon as the title card came up i sighed in relief to the sight of one of the worst title cards i have seen since “PIECES” and that is a good thing. After being blown away by that, my eyes gazed upon a slick looking ultra violent giallo unfolding before me. The first couple minutes play like the “New York Ripper” on steroids only to be punctiuated by some of the greatest dialouge ever written. ” We must have a psycopathic Deviate in the hospital! But Frankly, I don’t understand, somthing like this would make sense in a society of Primitive Savages but today in New York City?” Lori comments back to him, ” But Dr. Drake, do you really think we are that much different from savages?” ” I don’t know, Lori.” Tell me that isn’t classic!

    The film moves at a speed that Superman could not match, the only exception being a little drag in the second half but it is nothing but a speed bump. The gore here is top-notch and actually pretty good quality considering the kind of film this is. Another thing i must mention in this rant is the sheer awesomeness of Dr. Obrero. This guy really puts on a great performance and the chemistry between him and his servant is spectacular. The ending to this flick makes no sense whatsoever ( I’m looking at you, Lori, for the last 20 minutes of the film… I say what the Fuck?!) but all in all it is a satisfying conclusion to a kick ass lost gem of celluloid.

    Besides a few shortcomings this movie has everything a good exploitation fan is looking for. It’s fast, fun, and goes exquisetly well with a few brews. Rent it, no wait…BUY IT TODAY!!!!!

    5 out of 5

  • horrorbuff28

    “I could easily kill you now, but I’m determined to have your brain!”

    Just one of the many hysterical one liners this movie has to offer. Zombie Holocaust is such a fun ride. The gore effects are especially great. It’s called Zombie Holocaust but there are more cannibals in this movie than zombies. It’s like Cannibal Holocaust with a few zombies thrown in there just to add more story to it. Don’t get me wrong, this is a BAD movie. But it’s just so fun. I highly enjoyed Zombie Holocaust and I’m really not that fond of Italian horror but this is one of my few exceptions.

  • !!rogue!!

    Never have been a fan of these old Italian zombie flicks, but this was some fun cheese. worth a look.

  • Liam P. Woods

    Over-hyped plain and simple. While many say it is tongue and cheek, this is not entirely true it is a cash cow well maybe a cash lamb, but the fact is it looks bad because it was a rush job to get you to pay money to see it, so is it worth watching? The answer simply is no, get on youtube and find gruesome kills and you have pretty much seen all of this film that you need to see, or unless you are somebody like me who gets a group of friends together on a Tuesday to watch bad films and laugh. Why tuesday? Well I would hang my head in shame wasting my weekend on garbage and that is what zombie holocaust is.