Street Trash


When a liquor store owner finds a case of “Viper” in his cellar, he decides to sell it to the local hobos at one dollar a bottle, unaware of its true properties. The drinks causes its consumers to melt, very messily. Two homeless lads find themselves up against the effects of the toxic brew, as well as going head to head with “Bronson” a Vietnam vet with sociopathic tendencies, and the owner of the junkyard they live in.

  • RottenGreenSmoke

    Street Trash is great its got interesting charecters who happen to mostly be bums,lively bums,the greatest cheesiest part of this movie is the wise cracking police officer,the movie is pretty funny,the gore scenes in the movie are awesome,most of the melting deaths involve a very bright color,Sometihng that stood out to me in this movie are the great sound effects,if u have a strange interest in cheesy F’d up Movies you will certainly wanna pick up street trash.

  • Savinis_bitch

    I watched this movie against my dad’s wishes when I was a kid, but after seeing it in Fangoria all those years ago, i was curious. And because I was young and oh so innocent, it really shocked me. Then I watched it again a couple of years ago and thought it was a blast. SO sick but hey…horror fans have no boundries i think.Good old classic. So funny! It was like watching a comic book come alive, or a filthy, sorrid paintine live on screen hehe

  • IWRS

    This film is loads of fun, humor and silly gore! Its an all out disgusting display of hobos living in a New York junkyard, who some, upon drinking this toxic booze that is being unleashed from a local liquor store, begin to fall apart and melt in the worst on screen way possible. This movie has strange colors involved in the gore scenes and the plot to this movie is so ridiculous its fun. This movie is vulgar, foul mouthed and profane, with great makeup/gore effects to keep you wanting more.

    I originally thought this movie was going to be an all out gore fest, but there IS a plot and some down time, but it is worth every moment. Its great to have humor in a gore flick, and this offers it to the fullest. Dont buy or rent this film looking for a scare, because you will get none, buy it for the comedic story line as well as comedic style gore. The toilet flushing scene is the best. Great film!

  • Necronatalusz

    Great movie!

  • BK’s Finest


  • randomrick

    the melting scenes are cool but other than thatit was pretty stupid.

  • Knight of Cydonia

    A classic. If you’re a fan of Troma films, you’ll love it. Four and a half skulls.

  • derpdederp101

    Street Trash- 1986

    Good Parts- very good “melt” gore, humorous plot, some very funny moments, some actors are good, creates a good setting of the grity, filthy homeless life

    Bad Parts- some acting is terrible, a lot of the movie is not even related to the actual melting and main plot, sound seemed a little muffled, did we really need to see people playing keep away with a guy’s dick?

    Overall this movie is decent, there are good moments of extreme melting gore,but the stupid side stories take away from the main plot

  • crazy4life

    great slime fest downright dirty, best bits sex with dead hooker and knocking the shit out of someone then puking on them when there unconcious on the floor nice

  • milseyhorrorman

    Classic 80′s horror film. Funny as well as great gore/melt effects. A must see for all that seek good old school horror flicks. Remember stay away from any booze that has the word viper on the bottle.

  • ParanoidAndy

    As far as cheap 80′s trash goes, this is a gem. It gets real stupid about halfway through, ex: when a couple of bums are playing keep-away with some guys “member”, but the gore is awesome, which makes this cheese-fest worthwhile. A bit more gore would have earned this really high marks, but it spent too much time on a story that didn’t really make sense. Too bad.

  • horroranime700

    I thought about buying this film for a while and decided to finally cave in, even though I had a little low expectations that were cushioned by the good feedback here from BD. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised! This film kind of totally went in a different direction than I thought it would go, and some parts were genuinely hilarious. The effects, story, characters, and acting were actually very convincing and enjoyable! I’m excited to watch the special features and show this movie to some of my friends who watch these kinds of movies with me. Overall: reccomended!!

  • SirSerling

    Besides some of the Troma like gore, this movie ends up being really bad. I can say, compared to a lot of the other films I grabbed off the shelf when I was a kid, it was pretty good. Most of this films work was done making this memorable movie cover (And it shows). I would be curious to see it redone to todays standards though.

  • Niallist

    I don’t even know if this movie should count technically as a horror, but goddamn is it horrifying. If every member of Troma studios contracted herpes and masturbated onto a reel of celluloid, you’d probably get ‘Street Trash’ when you put it on the projector. Still, I don’t think this movie gets the kind of respect it deserves. The melting effects were definitely the film’s draw, and they are awesome, but there’s so much other good stuff here too. I actually think the plot, dialogue, and acting, though intentionally cheesy and over the top, are all actually really good. And there was so much shit in this movie far more disturbing than the melting scenes. Have you ever seen a movie that makes Three-Stooges-esque slapstick scenes out of gang rape, sexually-motivated murder, genital mutilation, and necrophilia? Because ‘Street Trash’ has all that and more, and you better be ready for it. It’s the sleaziest of sleaze-bag horror, but I think there is a real honesty and character to it that makes it so much more interesting than your usual splatter flick. Definitely check it out.