Future-Kill (V)

release date October 31 2006
studio Subversive Cinema
director Ronald W. Moore
writer Ronald W. Moore
starring Edwin Neal, Marilyn Burns, Gabriel Folse, Wade Reese, Barton Faulks


A group of protesters who call themselves "mutants" have taken over the inner city streets of a large city. They dress weird to try and show the effects of toxic poisoning. One of the mutants, Splatter, has really been affected. A group of fraternity boys decide to go into the mutant territory and kidnap one of the mutants as a prank. They inadvertently get framed for the murder of the mutant leader and are hunted through the abandoned buildings and dark streets by a crazed Splatter and his gang.

Official Review

Future-Kill is exactly the kind of project that defies something as simplistic as a star count. It’s a terrible movie. But, at the same time it has endured. Furthermore, it retains that indescribable ability to suck you in completely—‘til you realize that you’ve inadvertently sat through the whole damn thing…again. This is the underlying thought process that is liable to send you right out to pick up Subversive Cinema’s newly minted Special Edition of Director Ronald Moore and Star Edwin Neal’s 20-year old post-apocalyptic thrill ride. …Read More

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