Deadlands: The Rising (V)

release date October 31 2006
studio Tempe Entertainment
director Gary Ugarek
writer Gary Ugarek
starring Michelle Wright, Connor Brandt, Brian Wright, Gary Ugarek
tagline The world as we know it... Is coming to an end!
trailer 1 Trailer #1


October 2008. A biochemical weapon explosion causes a freak chain of events and brings the dead back to life. It is up to five people to make a stand for survival against an ever growing army of the Living Dead.

Official Review

Arguably, the seminal template for micro-budgeted debut features to which all others should be compared is El Mariachi, but there have been several other success stories (Clerks, Primer, and I know a few of you secretly dug The Blair Witch Project before it was over-hyped into movie-dork oblivion). El Mariachi is pure talent triumphantly emerging through 40-watt lighting, a movie that quickly established its director as a cinematic force to be reckoned with. But even Rodriguez experimented with short films, and it must be a difficult choice for a director, realizing when he has the skill to hold an audience at rapt attention for over an hour, and—perhaps more importantly—knowing when he finally has a feature length story to tell. …Read More

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