Albino Farm (V)

release date September 22 2009
studio MTI
director Sean McEwen, Joe Anderson
writer Sean McEwen, Joe Anderson
starring Richard Christy, Chris Jericho, Sunkrish Bala, Nick Richey, Alicia Lagano, Kevin Spirtas, Alex Neustaedter
trailer 1 Trailer #1


The film follows the plight of four college students who, while exploring the Ozark Mountains for a midterm assignment on rural America, come face to face with a community of cave-dwelling redneck genetic mutations.

Official Review

Watching Albino Farm has absolutely confirmed by belief beyond a shadow of a doubt that anything you shoot – whether it be a story about an outcasted, cannibalistic biblical society living under the guise of a small nowhere town, or 90 minutes of your favorite undergarments twirling around in the window glass of a laundromat washing machine – can make it onto DVD. …Read More

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