The Devil's Den (V)

release date February 13 2007
studio Anchor Bay
director Jeff Burr
writer Jeff Burr
starring Steven Schub, Ken Foree, Devon Sawa, Kelly Hu, Jacki R. Chan
tagline Perfect bodies. Damaged souls.


Quinn Taylor and his friend Nick are on their way back from Mexico with a load of Spanish Fly to sell in the States. They stop at a gentlemen's club called The Devil's Den and decide to test out their product on the unsuspecting women there. Only, these women aren't really human, and the two men find themselves in a very fatal position. Also tossed in are a female-assassin on the hunt for Quinn, a monster hunter who just happened to stumble into everything, a Japanese swordsman who doesn't really exist and even Satan himself who have to deal with the situation once all hell breaks loose

Official Review

Devon Sawa has already ingrained himself to genre audiences with a pair of neo-classics—the original FINAL DESTINATION with its cast of pretty boys and girls and its post Kevin Williamson pop culture awareness, and the sidesplitting IDLE HANDS a film that virtually created a sub-genre of stoner horror films. This time around Sawa procures a different drug of choice—Spanish Fly. …Read More

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