Demons 2 (Dèmoni 2)


A group of tenants and visitors are trapped in a 10-story high-rise apartment building infested with demons who proceed to hunt the dwindling humans down.

  • Savinis_bitch

    Not as good as the first but it has one of my favorite horror films scenes in it ever, which has been stolen from films like 28 days later and [REC].

    There’s a scene were the demons run up the apartment stairs, which was well done and a bit creepy I thought. You’ll have to watch it to understand what I mean. I enjoyed it, but….and this is a big but (no jokes on my butt) that child who turns into a demon, then the little..thing…?? it constantly screams….over and over in every scene…i didn’t find it scary at all just annoying, so annoying in fact i whizz that bit on.

    Anyway te finale with the helicopter is so over the top, but I can’t help but love it. It’s in my classic collection along side the first film.

    Give it a watch it’s worth it.

  • j34ngr4y

    Well well Lamberto Bava dose it again, but this time he’s lacking the true Argento influence the first one had. When you watch Demoni 1 you can tell Argento did most of the real work the camra angles the music even the actors in the film are Argento regulars! Bava took controll of the sequel and you can see it, like many of his other films it lacks real terror, he has GREAT premis here trapped in a high rise filled with demons!!! And he lets it fall flat. From Sally birthday party to the underground parking lot he had chance after chance to prove he’s a great master or horror but he never bother to take this film to the plateau it could have been. Even with a few great shots like in the first one with the demons comming up the theater stairs glowing eyes this one has it’s we’re comming for you moment too. Theres a man and a women at the top of a stairwell and at the bottom there are demons looking up glowing eyes and then… they begin to race up the stairs after the two at the top. Creepy but thats about all there really is for scary in this one. I liked this movie for dozens of reason and disliked for the same I recomend it everyonw but watch the first one first. I give DEMONI 2
    5 Urbano Barberinis out of 10 Urbano Barberinis…and if you don’t know who he is he’s the hero from the firat and second Demoni movie!

  • ChrisV

    I had heard talk that Argento was actually responsible for a lot of the direction in the first move. Sounded like bullshit to me, untill i saw what Bava has done with the second Demons without him. Cheese. Un-convincing gore even for the time.

  • Mayhem

    More of the same, but thats no problem for me…

  • Slasher17

    This movie isn’t really good. All the characters were just annoying and I couldn’t wait for them to die. The kills aren’t that good. The movie seems to be all over the place. The effects are really good, but I don’t like the look of the demons that much. They just look like a bunch of retards on a rampage. The kid demon and the dog were great though. Overall, people can give this one a watch since it’s the sequel to a classic, but you probably won’t want to watch it again.

    3/10 only because of the great effects!

  • LuJr81

    Obviously not as good as the first but I enjoyed it very much. The story was kinda stupid but who needs a story when you got demons running around. I like that they brought back the pimp in this one too, the demons looked better in the first one but I think they still looked pretty cool. All in all, I think its a worthy sequel and definitely worth at least one viewing.

  • ParanoidAndy

    This fun sequal is full of cool creature fx. I particularly like the dog transformation. However, compared to the first, Demons 2 lacks gore. That is, it isn’t nearly as nasty or brutal. Still, it’s enjoyable film that fans of the first will probably appreciate. I do.

  • Morthalius

    Not as good as the first film but this is still a very entertaining watch.

  • Midnitekrawlr

    A childhood favorite of mine that still holds up in the kick ass department! As far as sequels go this ones eager to go for the jugular and really delivers an onslaught of gnashing fangs and shredding claws!

  • jennifuru

    GREAT soundtrack (The smiths, The cult) and awesome demon changing scenes.
    This is definitely worth a screening.

  • TheGonzoJoint

    In Lamberto Bava’s “Demons”, a private showing of a never-before-seen horror film at a city theater called “The Metropol” meant death for all those who attended the screening; as the reels of the film came with a deadly curse. The movie-within-a-movie was about the discovery of ancient artifacts of demonic lore; and thus, the theater would seem swarm with fast-running yet zombie-like demons. It was a clever mash-up of the kind of sensibilities brought up by classics such as “Night of the Living Dead” and the films of Hershell Gordon Lewis. For me, it was a night at the movies to remember; and to others, it’s an exploitative gore-fest made specifically for the gore hounds, and lacking in all substance. They’re right.

    Now, Lamberto (who is the son of Mario Bava) has made “Demons 2″. Perhaps it takes place at the same time as the first film, but just in a different place; the setting this time around is in a large apartment building, on the night of one girl’s birthday party. The birthday girl isn’t having much of a good time at all – in spite of the loud music that is so gleefully pumping and the large selections of various desserts and foods that have been prepared – and thus, she retires to her bedroom and starts watching a television program that is airing on that particular night.

    Little does she know, the program that is being broadcast has the same conditions as the film screened in The Metropol from the first film. It’s a show about demons; and in an instant, one of the in-movie villains pops out of the screen and attacks the woman. She then becomes a demon; infecting everyone else present at the party, and soon the whole building.

    It would seem that this horror sequel fared well with genre fans as well as avid gore-hounds; but it didn’t exactly impress me. I’m a big fan of “Demons” and I’d even go so far as to call it great, classic, but undeniably guilty entertainment; I have seen it so many times, and each time I love it. My prediction for “Demons 2″ is that I won’t be so eager and quick to revisit it in the future; because on the first try, I really didn’t enjoy myself. “Demons” created a very large mountain for Bava to climb; and he only makes it to the half-way point. Once again, he displays unique visual style; but this time around, he just lacks the ambition and “what the hell” attitude that made the original work so well. Some people appear to have been able to look past my main complaints; good for them. I’m just not seeing it.

    Returning from “Demons” is the lame (but funny) dialogue, the poorly fleshed-out characters, and fan favorite Bobby Rhodes (who plays a gymnast here instead of his “Tony the Pimp” character from the first film). You might notice that I didn’t mention a return of the outlandishly over-the-top gore effects from the first film; and that is because in all honesty, it just isn’t there. Sure, “Demons 2″ has a few good, inspired scenes of gruesome deformation and mutilation, but it still feels like a big step down from the daring material on display in “Demons”.

    I know, I know. I’ve been comparing “Demons 2″ to its predecessor perhaps a bit too much; but how else could I go about reviewing it? There is no other way to vent my frustration and disappointment other than to consistently bring up just how much Bava’s debut feature set up for the bigger, and literally “badder” sequel. While “Demons 2″ is far from a bad film, it fails to provide the sort of wild, likably ridiculous ride that you’d expect given its awesome premise. Others might think just a little differently, and if you like the original film, you might want to check this one out; but underwhelming gore and a few good laughs can’t make up for a lack of soul and a lack of genuine entertainment value. I’m sorry to say; but “Demons 2″ may just be one of the most potentially fun but boring films ever made.