Witchfinder General


By consensus, Vincent Price’s finest performance among his gallery of horror-movie rogues comes in Witchfinder General, the intense 1968 film that erased any hint of camp from the actor’s persona. Price plays Matthew Hopkins, a sadistic 17th-century “witchfinder” who uses barbaric methods to identify (and invariably execute) supposed witches. Along with Price’s disciplined work, Witchfinder is also the best film by the talented and ill-fated director Michael Reeves, who was only 24 when he shot the movie. Blessed with a great feeling for English landscapes and an eye for blackly telling details (peasants roasting potatoes in the ashes of a burned witch), Reeves was clearly a promising filmmaker, who died in 1969 from a drug overdose. The most vivid thing about Witchfinder General is the way it explicitly links paranoia and witch-hunting to misogyny, and how female sexual energy is seen by the ruling order as a threat. The final sequence is perhaps the most harrowing fade-out of any Sixties horror picture, and offers no comforting resolution

  • nelmes69

    This is quite simply one of the best classic horrors ever!

  • horrorking95

    A really intreging piece of cinema. Vincent Price put on a great role here as the witchfinder, which reminded me of Chritoph Waltz as the Jew Hunter in “Inglorious Basterds.” I thought this was really enjoyable although I wouldn’t strictly call it a horror, more of a medeival drama, though I’m sure plenty would disagree!
    A solid 4 skulls :D

  • Capsulesn’Coffee

    Vincent Price gives an excellent performance as the titular witchhunter in this stellar brit horror entry. Surprisingly violent given the time in which it was made.

  • STRIK9

    This is’nt his best work.Its actually kinda lame and has scenes that are unnecessary and drag on.Gives you a good idea of what life was like in those times,but watch “The fall of the house of usher” “Pit and the pendulem” “The fly 1 and 2″ or “Tower of London” instead.

  • LianneAlice13

    as a horror fan i love this film but as a wiccan i hate it! a true depiction of how savage an ignorant mind can be.