Vampires (John Carpenter’s)


A vengeful vampire hunter must retrieve a cross before it falls into the hands of the undead, that could produce dire consequences for humanity.

  • vanilla blade

    it was cool

  • rockzhard

    kick azz flic for a vampire movie

  • Protecious

    I love john carpenter he is no doubt one of the greatest directors of all time and has a diverse selection of wonderful films under his belt to be proud of, he sort of collapsed with good stuff in the 90s with average thrillers like the remake of village of the damned, and this film seemed to be succesful and is pretty well known by horror fans, however this isnt one of my favorite vampire films and i was hoping for a bit more, although i agree and enjoy the casting of james woods in the lead role which he played greatly, i just hated that daniel baldwin was in this, id rather watch a cracked out flavor flav in a movie than the baldwins.

  • dherna7704

    sorrrry james woood you didnt give me mohangny

    you suck

  • Darkstorn

    The movie was too preachy. I was surprised that it was John Carpenter behind the helm of this one. It just wasn’t as entertaining as his other movies.

  • suzi

    I rented this ,when I retuned it I got my money back….. enough said
    p.s. 2 is the lowest I can give …….

  • Dampire


  • downward_spiral

    I thought this was pretty stupid. Not good at all. But the music by Carpenter is always good.

  • Necronatalusz

    Great movie.

  • randomrick

    goofy movie, just alright i guess.

  • Carrie

    Do love it, perfect level of on purpose cheese! Love the opening vampire attack.

  • Ardeth Blood

    Based on the book by John Steakley; this film redefined the idea of the modern vampire hunter. It worked well as a stand alone film and is one of the rare few that did justice to the original material. The ending was changed from the novel but that is to be expected.
    James Wood’s character of Jack Crow was harsh, brutal and still managed to have an edge of dark humour.

    It spawned 2 sequels that I am aware of.

  • Mrmcd666

    I prefer my vampires as disgusting bloody demons who do not romanticize and this film gives us just that. I literally watched this movie everday when i was a teenager I may not have the same feeling for the movie as I had back then but its still a classic in my eyes.

  • The Real Michael Myers

    When he beats Padre up all the time I found that so funny everything he’d say he’d have a slap LOL.

  • MattHorror

    Not bad but not great.

  • Captain Pissgums

    I liked this one. Suitably bloody. Good f/x. Story holds together. Worth a see for you.

  • ParanoidAndy

    Cool vampire movie has a corny b-movie feel to it, but there is lots of action and a good amount of gore. And as always, James Woods is the man.

  • The Devil’s Reject

    my favorite vampire movie,
    good story
    tons of gore and violence.
    james woods is awesome
    IF there were vamps in real life this is how i feel humans would have to hunt them and contain them
    very “realistic” view on vamps, not jsut one chose 14 year old killing them all

  • trickytreats

    Awful movie. Just awful.

  • maynardmorrissey

    Never been a huge vampire-fan and I also don’t like western flicks – so what’s the point in watching “Vampires” which is some kind of vampire-western? Well, it’s directed by godfather John Carpenter, one of my favorite directors of all time – and despite the fact that the 90s were a letdown for him, he totally nailed it with his last 90s film, one of the most entertaining vampire-flicks I’ve ever seen. Funny and rousing, but also pretty tense, creepy and dark.

    The cast is kick-ass: a mega-terrific James Woods and some really cool performances from Daniel Baldwin, Thomas Ian Griffith & Maximilian Schell.
    The plot is quite nice and the script is brilliantly written (great pacing, never gets boring, totally awesome opening scene, totally awesome climax…).

    Like in every Carpenter-film the cinematography is fantastic, the settings look cool and the musical score is great and excellently fitting.
    Highlights: the outstanding-looking oldschool vampire explosions, some wonderful gore scenes (bodies torn open or ripped in two, lots of beheadings…) and large parts of the uber-brilliant dialogue.

    “You ever seen a vampire?” – “No.” –
    “No… Well first of all, they’re not romatic. Its not like they’re a bunch of fuckin’ fags hoppin’ around in rented formal wear and seducing everybody in sight with cheesy Euro-trash accents, all right?
    Forget whatever you’ve seen in the movies: they don’t turn into bats, crosses don’t work. Garlic? You wanna try garlic? You could stand there with garlic around your neck and one of these buggers will bend you fucking over and take a walk up your strada-chocolata WHILE he’s suckin’ the blood outta your neck, all right? And they don’t sleep in coffins lined in taffeta.
    You wanna kill one, you drive a wooden stake right through his fuckin’ heart. Sunlight turns ‘em into crispy critters.” – LMAO

    I say: fuck the overrated “Blade” and other vampire-hunter crap, THIS is the real deal.
    Bravo Mr. Carpenter!

  • Morthalius

    Very enjoyable action/vampire flick.

  • The Rage

    A good fun vampire hunter action film.

  • murdermakesmecum

    this is just another stupid carpenter flick. bad story, terrible casting, i could go on but then i would have to think about it more. not worth the time.

  • LianneAlice13

    i loved this because it made vampires look very modern. one of the best vampire movies out there.