The Brain That Wouldn’t Die


The unethical surgeon Dr. Bill Cortner (Herb Evers) is developing a technique of transplantation of organs and members using a serum against rejection. When he has a car accident with his girlfriend Jan Compton (Virginia Leith), he saves her head only, and tries to find a woman with a beautiful body to transplant Jan’s head against her will.

The Link Below is for the full film (Public Domain)

  • InnsmouthDweller

    A hilariously bad early horror sexploitation that borrows heavily from the premise of H.P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West Reanimator. If you have to watch it find the Mystery Science Theater version and enjoy ‘Jan in the Pan’

  • ogdredvonweary

    Ya, this movie is bad, but in a way that is incredibly fun and addicting. It’s no ‘Eyes Without a Face’ or ‘Carnival of Souls’, but it’s still one of the most fun horror movies of the 60s. If you like old school horror, definitely check it out.