Raja bersiong


A King and his troops came across a town called Kampung Gading. There they met a strong but mute and deaf man named Badang, who is the personal servant of a young woman named Chomel. The King pretended to be a normal guard as part of a plan to lure Badang to become his personal protector and Chomel to become his wife. His plan was successful, and he married Chomel.

Some time later, the king’s appetite changed. At dinner one night, he commends the cook for the delicious dish and asked what the main ingredient was. The cook was forced revealed that the unusual taste was due to the cook’s own blood, which had fallen into the dish when he hand was bleeding. The king found love for the taste of human blood, and over time he grew fangs and began attacking his own people to feast on them. In the end the Kind died when the town people killed him when his appetite for blood heightened.