Diabolica malicia or 'What the Peeper Saw'

release date October 14 1972
studio AVCO Embassy Pictures
director James Kelley, Andrea Bianchi
writer Andrea Bianchi, Erich Krohnke
starring Mark Lester, Britt Ekland, Hardy Krüger, Lilli Palmer, Harry Andrews
tagline What he saw is what he did.
trailer 1 Trailer #1


In this stylish and atmospheric psychological thriller reminiscent of Henry James's Turn of the Screw, a widowed English writer brings a young, glamorous new bride to his bleak, isolated home in rural Spain. She soon becomes obsessed with her 12-year old stepson, who she learns has just been expelled from school for mysterious offenses; while the boy enjoys, exploits, and feeds her increasing paranoia about him. That he is a brilliant and lonely child is obvious. But is he the victim of a neurotic woman's overwrought imagination-- in Shakespeare's words, the innocent flower, or the serpent under it?-------------------Link is to part one of the whole film!

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