The Final (Horrorfest '10)

release date January 29 2010
studio After Dark Films
director Joey Stewart
writer Joey Stewart
starring Jason Kabolati
trailer 1 Trailer #1


A group of high school outcasts host a costume party and employ an arsenal of physical and psychological torture to avenge the humiliation and torment they faced at the hands of the popular kids.

Official Review

If you’re in High School or if you’ve ever been in High School, you don’t need me (let alone a movie) to tell you that High School is hell. It’s just plain not a good time. And, if movies have taught us anything about life (that life forgot to teach us) it’s that no matter what your social strata being a teenager sucks for everybody. Of course there’s a special kind of hell for teenagers that just don’t fit into any specific clique. The losers, the outcasts, the freaks. Those people probably have it harder than anyone else. And movies like American Pie or Revenge of the Nerds or Pump Up The Volume don’t tell it like it really is. For those of you that fall into the outsider category, the only revenge most of you are ever gonna get is taking your aggression out on a XBox game or 20. But what if the freaks fought back? What if instead of going all Columbine and just obliterating everyone, they planned their attack? What if they lured all their tormenters to a remote country house under the guise of an exclusive costume party (you know, the kind of party the losers would never get invited to). What would you do to a captive audience of all you’re worst enemies? Would you kill them all? …Read More