Theater of Blood

release date April 5 1973
studio Cineman Productions
director Douglas Hickox
writer Anthony Greville-Bell, Stanley Mann, John Kohn
starring Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, Ian Hendry, Harry Andrews, Coral Browne, Robert Coote, Jack Hawkins, Michael Hordern, Arthur Lowe, Robert Morley, Dennis Price, Milo O'Shea, Eric Sykes, Madeline Smith, Diana Dors, Joan Hickson, Renée Asherson, Bunny Reed, Peter
tagline At your own risk. It's curtains for his critics! Vincent Price has reserved a seat for you in the "t
trailer 1 Trailer #1


Edward Lionheart (Vincent Price) stars as an actor overlooked for a critics' acting award, despite producing a season of Shakespeare plays. After confronting the Critics' Circle, an attempted suicidal dive into the Thames results in Lionheart being rescued by your typical paraffin/meths/turps swigging tramps. Lionheart then (presumed dead) exacts his grizzly, and quite amusing revenge on the critics who denied him his finest hour.