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OMFG Of The Day: An Epic First Look At Moonstone’s ‘The Spider’ Noir!

I think that I might have wet myself in sheer excitement after opening up the preview of Moonstone’s newest horror/noir thriller, “THE SPIDER”. One part “SPIRIT” and two parts “SIN CITY”, the series looks to be an eye-pleasing treat for fans who lust for the the good old days of suave vigilantes, sexy women, and a healthy dose of pulp. So, soggy pants aside, inside you can check out a 5 page preview of the first issue which hits stores tomorrow, and get all the details. (Yes, I am fully aware that there was more innuendo in this posting than in a 13 year olds dialogue.)

WRITTEN BY: Martin Powell and Gary Phillips
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Pablo Marcos and Roberto Castro
COVERS BY: Dan Brereton and Doug Pagacz

“For the first time ever, since his beginnings in 1933, The Spider now has his own ongoing straight-up comic book series! The most relentless destroyer of the guilty the world has ever seen is back in all of his ‘bloody pulp’ action! There was no escape for Nita Van Sloan, abducted by a horde of inhuman monstrosities, doomed to become the victim of a diabolical experiment. The Spider, Master of Men, strikes back with a vengeance, fighting alone against the brutally brilliant creator of the Frankenstein Legion, in a desperate race against time to save the only woman who shares his darkest secrets.”

“THE SPIDER” Issue #1 Drops March 16th From Moonstone Comics! (MSRP-$2.99)



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