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Review-Victorian Undead #1, A More Refined Approach To Zombies

Wildstorm just released a comic series with a different angle to the zombie genre. Victorian Undead tells the story of a zombie outbreak during the turn of the 20th century…and only one man can stop them, Sherlock Holmes. Is it any good or is it dead on arrival? Read on for my quick review.
vicdeady Victorian Undead starts out with a typical small zombie outbreak that festers…although in this series there is a lot more cockney accents and bowler hats. Throughout this introductory issue we are shown the craziness that has befallen England. Zombie outbreaks and robot attacks do not seem out of grasp in this world. While that might sound typical, the part that really shines in this series is the authenticity and care that was taken to make the dialogue and characters seem believable. All of the characters are still set in the Victorian era and treat a robot’s head exploding or a decapitated head in the style of that time.
There is a lot more to discuss but I do not want to spoil anything, but consider this a typical issue one; mostly character and plot introduction. The setting and characters are what makes this series stand out and it’s one to check out.



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