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The end is near for Ash: Freedy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash #6 Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow is new comic book day, followed by christmas eve/christmas…I can see no way celebrating the holidays that reading Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash #6. This is the epic conclusion to this series with some pretty big fights, hopefully they won’t wuss out with a “The End???” kind of ending. Stay warm this holiday by being covered in fear and blood. Hit the break for more info.
freddyjasonash6 As the bloody end nears, Ash must lead his remaining forces against the amassed titans of terror. Washington has been leveled, and the odds are stacked against the motley crew of survivors. The vicious battles that end this series are legendary — Tommy Jarvis vs. Jason Voorhees, Ash Williams vs. Freddy Krueger, and even the army of the dead against the ghosts of victims past!



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