Haunted History

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release date (DVD) September 17 2013


Are voices, spirits and apparitions trying to tell us something about past events? Come along as Haunted History travels the country exploring historic locations and the paranormal activity that still haunts them. Driven by terrifying eyewitness accounts, each episode examines a site’s spooky events in relation to its gruesome past. Hear the ghosts of soldiers at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, meet the restless souls plaguing Salem, Massachusetts, visit Chicago’s infamous “Murder Castle” and many more!

Official Review

Years ago, when I still had cable, watching documentaries and programs on the History Channel was a favorite pastime. Which is to say I’d turn the channel on mostly for background noise and pick up a few facts along the way. With the release of the 2 disc Haunted History DVD set, I felt like it was days of yore. …Read More

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