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Vampires, Zombies, The FBI, And Plenty Of Gore In This 6 Page Preview Of ‘FVZA: Federal Vampire And Zombie Agency’!

So you like vampires. You like zombies. Then you should already love Radical Publishing’s “FVZA: FEDERAL VAMPIRE AND ZOMBIE AGENCY” which is now into its third issue. Beyond the break you can take a look inside the issue with a 6 page preview that delivers all the goodies you could ask for out of a comic with a name like “FVZA: FEDERAL VAMPIRE AND ZOMBIE AGENCY”. (Yea, retyping that title gets old) Read on for the preview.

WRITTEN BY: David Hine
LAYOUTS BY: Roy Allan Martinez
INKS BY: Kinsuh Loh and Jerry Choo
COVERS BY: Clint Langley and Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic

“The final showdown between the living and the undead! When Hugo Pecos and the FVZA discover the plans of the European vampire council to infect the United States, they quickly locate the underground headquarters of the vampires in the city. As Landra and Vidal split into two squads to thwart the sinister plot of the undead, they realize that there is far more to their mission than simply extermination. A stunning revelation, a tragic death and a shocking betrayal await Landra as she journeys into the belly of the beast to battle the bloodthirsty and ruthless Chaucer and the queen vampire herself — Yaelis”

“FVZA: FEDERAL VAMPIRE AND ZOMBIE AGENCY #3” Hits Stores This Wednesday From Radical Publishing! (MSRP-$4.99)



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