Stephen King Appreciation Thread

Some of us really do know how to read!
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Re: Stephen King Appreciation Thread

Post by Se7en » Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:31 pm

The Regulators
Pet Semetary
The Shining

Highlights from what I've read. Shoutout The Langoliers and Rage from the books they're from. Gerald's Game was dope for awhile but it's more the type of thing meant for a 80 minute movie than a book, lost interest like halfway through. Rose Madder is much better.

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Re: Stephen King Appreciation Thread

Post by gwally » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:55 am

Mayday wrote:It's all good. I may have made a goofy face, but wasn't trying to diss you. Just offering a differing opinion (in my patented sarcastic fashion :mrgreen: )
Yeah, Regulators and Desperation - one was a lost manuscript that he unearthed/rewrote/something, and the other was a semi-sequel he wrote after reworking the other. Again, two alright-but-nothing-great books that deviated from his 70s-80s brilliance with his late 80s-90s weirdness. Ironically, his near-death when he got hit by the van and his first attempt at retirement while recuperating seemed to re-energize his creative side, as his books greatly improved when he first returned to writing. At least for a while. When he got caught up in his 'women's empowerment'* phase his work tanked again, and his more recent stuff has been very hit-and-miss.

(Not that I'm knocking women or anything. It's King's bizarre Gloria Steinem phase or whatever it was just produced generic, uninteresting, poorly plotted books.)
You and I go back a distance so it would take much more that a goofy face for me to abuse my mod powers by banning you to Hell. :mrgreen: Besides, I though it was more of a "Hmmm-I-hadn't-thought-of-that face." :lol:

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