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‘Cannibal Holocaust’ In HD?

I’m not sure I want to see Cannibal Holocaust in whimsical HD on Blu-ray. Okay, you convinced me, why the fuck not?!

Grindhouse Releasing announced that Ruggero Deodato’s masterpiece will arrive July 1 on Blu-ray in an all-new deluxe edition 3-disc release. The set includes two Blu-ray discs loaded with special features, and a newly remastered soundtrack CD of the original score by Riz Ortolani (now, that’s awesome)!

Grindhouse Releasing’s Cannibal Holocaust Deluxe Edition Blu-ray is the ultimate home video presentation of this notorious classic named by Entertainment Weekly as “one of the most controversial films ever made”.

The 3-disc set can be pre-ordered now exclusively at Diabolik DVD.

Specs for the new Cannibal Holocaust Blu-ray are as follows:
– New high definition digital restoration of the uncensored director’s cut
– Spectacular digital stereo re-mix and original mono mix
– Commentary tracks with director Ruggero Deodato and star Robert Kerman, stars Carl Yorke and Francesca Ciardi
– New in-depth interviews with Ruggero Deodato, Francesa Ciardi, assistant director Salvo Basile and cameraman Roberto Forges Davazati, as well as classic interviews with Robert Kerman, Carl Yorke and composer Riz Ortolani
– Liner notes by director Eli Roth (Hostel) and legendary horror journalist Chas. Balun (Deep Red)
– Extensive still galleries and theatrical trailers from around the world
– BONUS CD – Amazing new remaster of the original Cannibal Holocaust score by Grammy winner and Academy Award nominee Riz Ortolani

Cannibal Holocaust is the latest in a series of comprehensive, acclaimed special edition Blu-ray and DVD releases from Grindhouse Releasing.

Criterion 14mm BD case wrap cs3



  • Nymfomania

    Thank god for this.

  • Caitlyn Gessing-Putz

    Um, why are they still releasing a movie where they killed live animals? God damn this movie.

    • marley’s chains

      Animal deaths on film, no fuckin need, I aint watching this film ever again.

      • Leebo

        Well I hope both of you are vegan – because if you ain’t?
        Well, just because it isn’t filmed if your food is animal based it’s still killed for you.

        I ain’t digging – as it’s personal choice – but if you are eating chicken wings then you’re just as bad as Deodato when it comes to animal abuse, so don’t be a hypocrite when it comes to the movie.

        You think what goes on in a slaughterhouse is all fun and tickles?

        • marley’s chains

          I aint being a hypocrite man, I just dont want to see animals getting killed on screen, films are fantasy, that is real and totally unnecessary.

          • Leebo

            Indeed, it’s totally unnecessary.
            I’m not 100% certain, but I believe the UK bluray/dvd(?) has the option of watching the film “uncut” but with the animal deaths toned down or entirely removed (I’m not certain which) – so perhaps there may be the same option on this new release.
            Nobody really wants to to see the animals suffering in this, and others of it’s ilk, movie – if they do then there is something wrong up stairs.

            Perhaps using the term “hypocrite” was a little strong.

            Although I do stand by the vegan line – I find it saddening that people are offended by the scenes in the movie, but still want to eat dead cow covered in gravy. I don’t think that people like to see the deaths on film as it creates association in regards to their food – and most good people do have a conscience when it comes to eating a murdered animal.
            Still, this isn’t a PETA recruiting page and it’s not up to me to enforce my beliefs on others, so we’ll leave it at that.


            …..GO VEGAN!


          • Caitlyn Gessing-Putz

            Vegans FTW.

        • Krug09

          I am a vegetarian. Personally even if i did eat meat i would not support this film because real animals were killed. I am an animal lover and i really can’t take real animals being killed. Even fake ones are hard to handle. It just makes me disgusted. I don’t think thats very fair either. Even if they eat meat they don’t go around breaking a poor turtles shell or whatever happens in this film.

          • Too right krug. Fake animal deaths in films are upsetting but ‘real animals getting killed’ fuck that shit right off. The director of this film is a wanker.

          • I’ll ask you, too, about the fake animal deaths in movies thing. Out of honest curiosity how do you feel about people being killed in movies?

          • So I’m not trying to be a douche or anything. I just seriously want to ask someone this question. I’ve never seen this movie but I can imagine what happens to the animals is horrible and obviously wrong. But I want to ask about what you said regarding fake ones being hard to handle. I see a lot of people say that online. Like on IMDB (which I don’t go to often because it’s overpopulated with film snob assholes), in the comment sections of a lot of horror movies people ask “do any animals die in the film? I can’t take that.”. My question is why do some people have no problem watching human beings be horribly killed but can’t watch an animal be killed knowing it’s fake? It’s like “oh, a little kid gets his head chopped off in this movie, cool!” but “a dog gets shot? Fuck this movie, it’s evil, I’m not ever gonna watch it again!”. Neither scenario bothers me in movies because it’s fake, whether it’s a human or an animal I can watch it since I know no human or animal was really harmed. But I seriously want to understand why people act like the lives of humans (their own kind) mean nothing in a movie and watching them be slaughtered horribly is perfectly fine but if an animal gets killed their hearts are broken. I understand being an animal lover (i love them, too) but do that many people really have no love for their fellow humans? I really don’t get it so maybe you can help me. Again, I don’t want to sound like a jerk. I’m truly curious because I love both people and animals, I don’t just pick which one means more in terms of being killed in a movie.

          • Krug09

            Its cool man, You are not a jerk at all and i couldn’t agree more with IMDb. Each time i go there, which isn’t very often i am treated like a piece of crap, insulted, and even called a troll. Just for stating an opinion or God forbid make a mistake in another persons eyes i am then “a simpleton, a retard, an idiot,” I have even been called a sexist pig because i thought only a male lead would work for a certain movie.

            On topic. Its a good point you make one i thought of before. I think its because animals don’t know and can’t help what is going to happen. For example, I saw a movie where a dog was literally walked to its execution, sat there while a rope was put around its neck and then pulled up, choked out and shot to death. I think its the fact that an animal has almost zero chance to defend its self and will even be friendly before being killed. A person on the other hand has a fighting chance (common sense tells you something is wrong) when the animal doesn’t. Depending on which one of course, if its a mountain lion or bear it may not matter what the person is looking to do to it. I also think its because we are not use to seeing animals get killed more often. People get killed in movies in almost every film practically if you think about it. Then again people are different. It doesn’t bother you as much as it bothers me. The next guy couldn’t even care. To me every animals death has done nothing to help the movie i was watching. It just makes me not want to watch the film further. With a person, their death can effect the story and make the movie better, make you care. Humans death in movies effect me too, it makes me feel bad but an animal doesn’t have a voice so it does nothing to help a movie IMO. That’s all i have right now after thinking about it.

          • I feel ya. I stay away from IMDB if I can. Those trolls are just too vicious and annoying. It’s that thing of a lot of people today who value their own opinion and if you don’t share it they talk shit or like you said if you make a little mistake (like a typo or something) they immediately go for shit like “learn to spell, retard!”. It’s pathetic as hell. And thank you for answering my question. Your answer makes a lot of sense to me. Horror usually has to have people die (it is horror, after all) but an animal’s death isn’t really necessary unless it serves the story in some way. Like a movie about a psychotic child would have it in there to be realistic, seeing as how a lot of them that grow up to become murderers start out killing animals. So thank you for answering that for me.

          • Krug09

            You’re welcome. I am willing to answer anyone as long as its not a question with a personal attack. A lot of the internet is like IMDb. I am not sure if those people are real and act like that in real life or just online but if that is really who they are i never want to meet them in person. I am an on and off wrestling fan as well and its very hard to go on wrestling forums, sites just like IMDb. It just gets tiresome with all the insults thrown. Bloody disgusting isn’t too bad. I always enjoyed leaving comments but even here if you see above someone called people who can’t take animal violence a “pussy” but whatever. I don’t see the point in personal attacks.

            I actually forgot about all the Myers dog attacks. I guess it didn’t bother me because they were mostly off camera or subtle. Except for when he guts the dead (?) dog in H2 and eats it… disgusting. Probably the most effective was in H4 when Loomis and the sheriff go to Jamie’s house and the dog is shown dead for 3 seconds. IDK if you have seen The Fly 2 but theres a part in it thats probably maybe 3 times i ever cried for a movie. Its heart breaking. The dog goes into the machine and becomes mangled and the guy puts it to sleep. Probably the saddest thing i have ever seen.

          • And what you said about the mountain lion or an animal like that is true. That’s another thing that gets me. On the Burning Bright IMDB page people were like “I haven’t seen this but someone please tell me does the tiger die? I can’t watch it if it dies!”. It’s like, this is a movie where the tiger is the threat, like Jason or Michael Myers or the shark from Jaws. The characters have to fight back against a crazed animal the way they would against a crazed human and if they have to kill it to survive then so be it. I like tigers (from a distance, of course, but if one was coming at me intending to eat me and I had a gun I would shoot just like I would if a human with a machete and anyone who values their life would, too! But the whole things with a psycho doing something like killing a family’s dog or something is just a cheap, unnecessary tactic to shock or disturb the audience, something that better screenwriters or filmmakers can achieve without resorting to such cliches. As much as I love Halloween I’ve never really understood why he had to eat the dog that Loomis finds in the Myers house. He’s an unkillable force of evil so why the hell does he have to eat? I always thought that was odd.

          • Leebo

            Vegetarian, eh?

            Well, half way there anyway.

            GO VEGAN!!!!

            Although giving up the cheese is a bloody nightmare at first….

            In regards to the turtle, and in no way is this a defence of the film, the way it’s killed is the reality of how it’s done in the Amazon – and “at least” the animals that were killed (mostly anyway, aside from the coatimundi) were used for food, so they weren’t just “wasted” deaths, so to speak.

            I wonder how many people have watched the film and it’s actually made them actually “conscious” that an animal has to be killed in a horrendous manner to be served up as that burger they are having – and I wonder how many have moved over to the plant based diet accordingly…..

      • Ravinus

        Agreed. Torturing animals isn’t entertainment AND to say as much as nothing to do with being vegan. So, all you idiots that want to try to use that as an excuse to laud this movie can shove your heads further up your asses until you actually asphyxiate and lessen your influence on the gene pool.


      I’m glad I saw this movie to satiate my curiosity… but watching that tortoise get ripped apart… holy shit… Never again.

      • ThunderDragoon

        That is the reason I will never watch this movie again. That was completely unnecessary. They faked all of the human deaths, there’s no reason why they couldn’t have done the same thing here.

    • Ress EZ

      Thank you for your discussions. You fine people have enlightened me on something…that I’m not a pussy. At least I like to think that way. Obviously I haven’t seen Cannibal Holocaust and probably never will. Yes, solely because it involved real animal killings. Sorry, I can’t deal with it. I remember watching the old Straw Dogs and there was a scene where the cat was hanging by its neck in the closet. Although it was not moving but man, I can’t help myself but to think it was a real cat. I said “Fuck Peckinpah” and I felt like a loser. And that feeling kills me to this day. Does it justify to condemn somebody over (maybe) nothing…hell, I feel like a pussy again. But thanks you guys! I really appreciate this.

    • Leebo

      It’s not as if they could kill DEAD animals!


      Although I do think that those scenes should never have been shot for the movie.

  • M M

    Excellent. Despite the disturbing killing of real animals, this was a fantastic horror movie that was far better than I ever would have expected it to be!

  • marklola12 .

    how did they do that bit with the women with that giant thing through her body out her mouth, with it being a old movie it obviously is not a dummy


    • sweetooth0

      tiny little bike seat, and a hollow top that’s actually in her mouth apparently

      • Adam Clifton

        Simple and effective. Remade these days… CGI

        • GingerXpress321

          You know thats a good prop whenever the director is brought to court to prove that these people really didnt die lol

          • Adam Clifton

            Yeah I know lol. He should have been brought to court over those real animal killings however. That was just disgusting and completely unnecessary

  • Christensen

    This movie is stupid as it is and it has nothing to do with killing a damn turtle. Turtle guts in HD Blu-Ray? So hardcore…

  • Michael Rotondo

    animal torture ? the worst thing about this movie why the hell even put it in there let alone do it ?

  • thezombieepidemic

    For those here who are looking to preorder, its sold out on, but it is available on amazon for preorder as well. They just don’t have an image for it, so it can be easily overseen when searching. As for the rest of the individuals who think the animal debate is necessary, its not. The film has been made, the atrocities have been committed and there’s nothing that can be said to change it. Animal cruelty is always the topic of discussion when it comes to this flick, as if the people griping about it are going to change history by doing so. It was a sort of norm back then and its not now, so its clear that filmmakers have grown from the more primitive years. Its just too bad that society gets hung up on the past like they have the power to change it with their opinions, but most individuals could care less about what’s happening in the present and atrocities that are taking place in the present. Why talk about animal torture in a movie when we live in an era where human torture is very much prominent in society, but I guess we can all get together and complain about these things in 10 years…

    • Dave Brink

      Animal torture is still prominent today. In fact, every second of every minute animals are being killed. Billions of land- and aquatic animals die by human hands every year.
      But anyway, that’s irrelevant to this movie, just wanted to clear that up.

      To me personally it does not matter if the torture and killing of an animal was filmed twenty years ago or yesterday. It sickens me, so I rather avoid it.

  • IronicglassesWearer

    Real animals… now l am bloody disgusted… why would anyone need to see it?!?! my day is ruind

  • IconOfSin

    I’m surprised that the animal killings still upset everyone all these years later, I imagine that’s what Ruggero was going for. Since when was a horror website the place discuss the rights & wrongs of animal death? If anyone on here had ever seen Cannibal Holocaust they would know that it was marketed as being 100% real. Like it or not the animal deaths add to the overall unsettling realism of the film. Like the editor of this page has said, what’s done is done & complaining about won’t change the course of history. Fact is this is a great film, by far one of the most real & raw pieces of cinema I have ever seen.

  • Justin Corillo

    this “uncensored” director’s cut was released in the uk back in 2011. basically for the release ruggero edited all the scene in which animals are killed. instead, some
    scenes were either removed, alienated by pseudo-filmtears or replaced
    by alternate footage.(muskrat scene offscreen now with monkeys in trees shown during when it should be killed.. turtle scene is less graphic. head shoping is gone and alot of the actors scooping out its intestense are gone.) also, in the directors defense, they did eat the animals the killed. if your in the jungle, you need to eat. its not like mcdonald’s was around or any resturaunts. granted it shouldnt have been used for a films gain but it didn’t stop me from seeing it.

  • Dave Brink

    As a gorehound I was looking forward to finally seeing this classic. Now that I am reading it contains footage of real animals being killed the mvie has moved over onto my blacklist. I want to be entertained, not enraged by animal abuse.

    • thezombieepidemic

      You shouldn’t let anything jade your judgment until the credits of the film roll, nor should you assume that what occurs in the film to be “abuse”. The animals were intended to be killed and eaten, just as many countries and cultures do, the only difference here is that there is a camera recording the scene and a director to reproduce it to provoke a certain reaction. As a self-proclaimed “gorehound”, you shouldn’t mind a little reality in your horror and you should still be entertained even if you’re a bit disturbed at the same time. Just because its a film doesn’t mean it has to be manufactured for your comfort. Life is scary, my friend, but you cant let it get you down.

      • Dave Brink

        Sure. I can watch footage of real animals or humans being killed. Plenty of those videos on the internet. I just don’t see the appeal in that.
        The great thing about a movie is that it is just that, a movie. To see great special effects, and sometimes even silly special effects, that is fun. Seeing actual living beings dying, not so much.

      • Bob Fulci

        I shouldn’t mind a little reality in my horror films? I should find animal abuse “entertaining?” The animals were meant to be killed for eating but hey, let’s film it for fun and profit first. I’ve read some asinine comments here but this takes the cake. I seriously worry about some of you…

  • Ivo Wilson

    Gosh, don’t give more hipe to such a bad hilarious exploitation movie hahah exploitation movies are and should always be this dusty tape without a cover that you rent on the local movie store.
    Also “and star Robert Kerman” haha you mean Pornstar, right?

  • Matt

    I am all for remastering and even reediting, but I am only OK with it, if all copies also comes with the original uncut directors version. I hate theatrical releases. It is shocking by the amount of video shot that doesn’t make the final cut in the history of film industry. It is sad, because of fans would love to see it all, even the takes not used.

    You know how many movies lose their scariness from watching it on Blu-Ray? I watched Elm Street 2 and it wasn’t even scary, then I showed my Mom the cool Xfinity “original trailer” for the same movie that looked like a drive in trailer, and it made it look so scary.

    Yeah seeing stuff added is cool like in Star Wars, but there is nothing like the original. I hate theatrical versions, they chop it up so much that if you watch the directors cut, you realize that the directors cut doesn’t make sense because it will have conflicting issues. I don’t have examples off top of my head, but there are some doozies out their.

    Like all horror fans, even if you 10 years old, you want to watch the movie in the popular format of that movies release year, i.e. if it was released with VHS, then we want VHS quality. The only good thing for doing what they are doing is to allow new fans who probably can’t get a copy of it. I mean there are tons of movies still not on Blu-Ray, and tons more that can be hard to find on DVD or VHS.

  • Sandy Derty Asylum

    Why does people celebrate a film that much which is just about animal torture?I never understood that.I saw this film one time and i have never forget the cruel scenes with the turtle,monkey,pig and so forth which were all real.This film is just a fucking snuff film.Its so popular all over the world but i think only because some people who love that shit are sick because nothing is good about killing animals and flm this shit.Disgusting

  • turtlenipple

    Gees, everyone is so god damned sensitive these days. I’ll snag this when it isn’t so expensive.

  • Bob Fulci

    You know some of you who act as though the real-life killing of animals for entertainment shouldn’t matter anymore are missing the mark. It matters not if it was 100 years ago, the act itself should be forever shamed.

  • Jonathan.Dreadful

    I think apart from the obvious animal torture, Cannibal Holocaust could be a terrifying film. I love this genre of film but just can’t get past the animal killing. Everyone is sensitive today and I believe in regards to animals, that is the way it should be. There is no defense for what occurred during the filming of this movie. One viewing was enough and I will not be supporting this film with my money. Instead I think I will watch The Green Inferno when it comes out.

  • What happened to the original artwork with no shirt and fully exposed boobs?!

  • Nevermind. It’s included with the blu-ray as a reversible cover. Also a shirt at RottenCotton

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