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‘Halloween’ Box Set: New Jamie Lee Curtis Commentary Track!!

Work continues on the Halloween Complete Collection Blu-ray set, and promises many surprises.

Anchor Bay tells us that bonus features continue to be added on a daily basis, and an announcement is forthcoming outlining all the great newly produced interviews, featurettes, behind-the-scenes footage and more that will be included in the 15-disc Deluxe Edition.

As a teaser, check out this behind-the-scenes photo of the actress who helped launched the historic franchise — Jamie Lee Curtis, as she sat down with Halloween H20 director Steve Miner, right, and moderator Sean Clark, center, for a new commentary track and interview that you’ll hear and see starting September 23rd!

Get the full skinny announced thus far on the massive box set by clicking here.

Halloween box set HD

  • YES! One of the most popular and controversial films in the entire franchise, and it’s never had a feature commentary released before. Should be great. This ‘Complete Collection’ Deluxe Edition box set keeps getting better.

    • Khy

      It really does. I think I might have to pre-order. Only thing is with the new movie in the works they should include a space in the box set where fans can put the new movie once that hits Blu-ray in the future.

      • john

        I disagree. (But, hey– we’re all entitled to our opinions.) At least this way it’s the original series and the Zombie companion pieces and that’s all. Who knows what the next Halloween film we get will draw it’s inspiration from. Could be a re-boot. Could carry on Zombie mythology while directing it like a more straight forward slasher– a la the originals. Either wait, there will always be another and another that ends up missing from a “complete” set. Only solution is to go by the date of the “complete” set’s release and stick with it.

        • Nick Greeley

          Considering that Scout already confirmed she’s back for the next one, it would make sense for there to be extra room for H3.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s awesome! Have we gotten any word on whether the commentary for the recently released Blu-ray of Halloween will be in the box set? I ask because I never got the chance to pick it up.

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