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HD Look At ‘Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Producers’ Cut’!!

Holy. Crap.

Anchor Bay Entertainment and Scream Factory aren’t even close to finished announcing goodies related to their hotly anticipated Halloween Complete Collection Blu-ray set.

While the finishing touches are being made as of this writing, they are still adding new bonus features and supplemental materials to the release.

Also, as a small taste of what to expect, check out these astounding comparison photos from an previously unauthorized VHS release of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and a screengrab from the all-new high-definition master from the Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Producers’ Cut Blu-ray – available for the first time on September 23rd!

You’ll find the full Halloween Complete Collection Blu-ray release details, along with updated specs, by clicking here.

Mind blown, no?!

halloween 6 bootleg

halloween 6 new transfer




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