Sony Dates 'Grace: The Possession' For Home Video - Bloody Disgusting!

Sony Dates ‘Grace: The Possession’ For Home Video


Just in time for Halloween, a producer of Sinister and executive producer of Insidious brings a new twist to the classic horror story when Grace: The Possession debuts on DVD and Digital HD October 28th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Alexia Fast (Jack Reacher) plays the title role of Grace, an 18-year-old Catholic girl who moves away to college, never having sipped alcohol, done drugs, or had sex. But something dark comes over her, and her purity is taken as she becomes possessed by demonic forces. The film offers audiences a unique first-person perspective of the possessed like never seen before.

The cast also features Lin Shaye (Insidious), Alan Dale (“Lost”), Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect), and Joel David Moore (Avatar).


  • Peter Johnson

    damn these people!!!!!! I had this same idea (first-person possesion story, but not satanic), and now all my hopes of getting that made are gone because of this f**king Paranormal Acitivity: Look, No Camera. Screw it, mine is going to kick this one in the ass. One of the few horror movies I hope doesn’t get attention for my own selfish needs. Making it 1st Person is interesting, but if you just pretend shes holding a camera, it is every other possession movie. damn I’m mad. if it is more than a possession movie, good for them. But if I’m watching Last Exorcism 2 in first-person, I will be very dissapointed