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The Unrated ‘Evil Dead’ to Swallow Your Soul This Halloween! (Exclusive)

EVIL DEAD via Sony Pictures
Images courtesy of Sony Pictures

When Sam Raimi was preparing to release his remake of The Evil Dead in theaters back in 2013, we analyzed the living crap out of it. Not only did we find clues leading us to believe that the Fede Alvarez-directed Evil Dead was secretly in-canon with Raimi’s trilogy, but we learned of multiple deleted scenes and a different version of the film that had accidentally aired on television overseas.

Since then, Alvarez went on to direct the incredibly tense Don’t Breathe, which was a huge box office success this summer for both Sony and Ghost House. During his press rounds, Alvarez let the cat out of the bag on the extended cut of Evil Dead, timed with the home video release of Don’t Breathe. While we don’t have info on the latter, yet, Bloody Disgusting can exclusively reveal that Alvarez’s Evil Dead will be getting an “Unrated Edition” release on October 25th, just in time for Halloween.

Being released solely on digital platforms, we also have the exclusive artwork debut and can confirm the new Unrated Edition carries an additional 5-minutes of footage “that was too intense for theaters, allowing fans the perfect chance to see Fede Alvarez’s unedited vision for the film.” This will also be the first time that digital extras will be available on Evil Dead.

Jane Levy, who also starred in Don’t Breathe, took on Deadites in Evil Dead. The modern take followed five friends who head to a remote cabin, where the discovery of a Book of the Dead leads them to unwittingly summon up demons living in the nearby woods.

EVIL DEAD UNRATED via Sony Pictures and Bloody Disgusting



  • jackstark211

    Where will I be able to buy this? Amazon video?

  • jackstark211

    Been wanting this for years now.

  • AriesSiren

    Finally. Those extra gore scenes really add to the film. The tongue slice was longer and lost a lot in the R version. Glad I waited to buy.

    • J Jett

      and don’t forget the much anticipated (but not in the actual movie) chainsaw scene and the “WE’RE GONNA GET YOU” sing song from Mia!

      • AriesSiren

        I know right? I loved the film but when I watched it I felt like I was just watching a really censored version which is what it was

  • redeyedjedi410

    Digital only?!?!?! That kind of sucks, I want the actual physical copy.

  • Brian McNatt

    Not sure about this one. The theatrical version is already plenty gruesome, not sure what more gore could really add to the film.

  • David Fullam

    Put it out on Blu as well.

  • billbixby219

    only 5 minutes of extra footage? that means the theatrical release must have been pretty close to Alvarez’s initial vision for the film. either way, ill take anything i can get.

  • One of my favorite horror movies of ever! I really need the sequel.

  • Rocco Paone

    Really? No, Blu-Ray release? That seems unfortunate.

    • Ted C

      It may seem that way but it’s not.

  • Andrew Barloq

    Wow an unrated cut? The theatrical is already perhaps the most gruesome film I’ve seen, I can hardly imagine what they had to cut to avoid an NC-17.

  • Christian

    Digital only??? Why are these people being such tight asses with this movie?!? 5 minutes??? Those had better be some friggin AMAZING minutes of film!!!

    So, when do we finally get a sequel they can be tight asses with???

  • Lama Dalei Robott

    if you wondering, what those 5 mins look like – a british tv station aired the extended version by mistake. here are the differences – it’s a german site though:

    • Grandpa Fred

      Das war wirklich hilfreich, danke.

  • J Jett

    i’ve had a not so great quality copy of this for a while but have been waiting for the real deal. i love this movie and am excited for the unrated full quality cut.

  • Mehliens

    I have no real interest in seeing this again since the first half sucked donkey schlong and I prefer the real (Ash vs) Evil Dead over this. But I gotta admit the effects were pretty sweet.

    • PsychoMantis18

      Whaaa??? This was way better than the shit show that’s going at the moment. The last third in particular was fantastic.

      • Mehliens

        Believe me I know where you are coming from. But if I have to choose between weird, funny but original and stereotypical “cabin” film that is way too edgy for its own good then I’ll go with the first. I know that Ash vs ED does not have the quality of Sam Raimis style and direction but at least it has the silliness and the balls to be different. The second season is already much improved and coming closer to the glory of Army of Darkness. I agree that the last 5th of the ED-Remake was spectacular but that barely made up for its blunders. Lets just say that I’m no fan of edginess in movies, haha, my eyes roll into deadite position automatically xD

        • PsychoMantis18

          “Weird, funny but original” – we may be talking about different Evil Dead tv shows.

    • Chance LeBoeuf

      This remake was everything Evil Dead should be without being some shallow carbon copy of the original. I seriously believe you’re not an actual Evil Dead fan if you have a problem with this remake.

  • Polsdofer

    No store in my area has Evil Dead so i was waiting for this to come out only to find out its for digital only. Guess im looking on eBay for it.

  • Dan Knox

    Totally bummed this isn’t a blu-ray release…i would buy this day one if it was coming out on 4K UHD blu-ray

  • diapers

    Somehow, I haven’t gotten around to seeing the new Evil Dead. Means I get to start with the uncut, which is COOL.

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Phase 1 of “double” dipping releases is go.

  • Blade4693

    Digital only? That’s sad :/ I would definitely buy it if I can get it a disc version.

    Also, is the unrated version and the extended version the same thing? The article says one is tied in with the Don’t Breathe release which we have no date for, and one coming out on the 25th, is that correct?

  • Charles Cumella


  • zombie84_41

    I will buy anything evil dead

  • PsychoMantis18

    That is sweet but was hoping for a physical release.

  • Evan3

    Let me begin by stating that I thoroughly enjoyed the new Evil Dead. It was absolutely a fun-filled blood-soaked and ingenious take on the franchise. That said, it paled in comparison to the Raimi films. Besides Bruce Campbell being a force of nature, Fede failed to provide what is an important part of the DNA of the Evil Dead. Deadites with personality.

    These deadites were bland, generic, demonic figures. What makes the Evil Dead tick is that the Dead are Evil. They don’t exist just to kill and maim. They exist to torture humans. To break them psychologically. To mock them at every twist and turn. The Raimi Deadites are unique in horror and in film for the joy they take in their demonic possessions. And Ash too was a character dripping with personality and a range of emotions, standing in stark contrast to the typical hero. I can’t say that of any of the protagonists in the new one.

    If anything, the new Evil Dead doesn’t need more gore or more faux drama. It needs more personality. And I doubt we”ll ever get it.

    • qwef

      What movie did you watch cause in the 2013 film deadite Mia tortured them rest both physically and psychologically.

      Deadite Mia starts by

      1. Burning Mias body (knowing full well it wasnt gonna kill her but just cause)

      2. Vomiting all over Olivia (not trying to kill her).

      3. Mocking them while trapped in the basement. (even though big parts of those scenes were not in the final film which i thing was the one mistake Fede made)

      4. The way Mia gets Natalie in the basement by acting like normal Mia and crying and asking why they were hurting her , then when she captures Natalie she doesnt try to kill her. She instead starts playing with her, mocking her attempt to defend herself with a razor by taking it from her cutting her OWN FREAKING TOUNGE IN HAL and then kissing her!

      5. Then when her BROTHER David comes and saves Natalie , deadite Mia just looks at him and goes “Why dont you come down here so that i can suck your cock pretty boy” and then “You sister is not here you fucking idiot, your little sister is being raped in hell”.

      6. When David goes to burn the house down with Mia in it the demon starts singing the lulaby that David’s and Mia’s Mom used to sing to them when they were little. (fucking briliant way to use that btw) <- the link to that scene.

      7. When David goes to bury Mia the deadite again starts acting/lets Mia have control for a while ,screaming saying she cant breathe, and begging David to get her out. Then in Mias voice asking him "why does he hate her" and how he was never there for her and their mother and ending with "I know mother hates you know, and she waits for you in hell" in a scene that was acted beautifuly by Jane Levy and shot so well overall. Ending up being one of my favorites in the film. <- link to that scene.

      In what way is that "bland, generic, demonic figures" Its the same exact thing just done more realisticaly and with a darker tone than the old films (especially ED2 and AoD).

      I loved the remake and along with ED1 they are my 2 favorite of the franchise. I give the nod to the 2013 film tho.

      • Evan3

        Being crass and violent does not qualify as personality. The original Deadites, laughed, danced, gloated, and tormented Ash in increasingly humiliating ways. Nothing in this film compared to Ash having to cut off his own hand (and then the hand flipping him off). Or the mini evil Ashes. Or his dead girlfriend dancing while using her decapitated head. I missed the jovial nature of the Deadites.

        I agree that these demons were done more realistically and with a darker tone. But in so doing, they lost the thing that made them Deadites as opposed to generic demons (all of whom have done every act you referred to above).

        • qwef

          Well the scenes you mentioned did not happen in ED1 which is the film that the 2013 movie wanted to pay tribute to.

          And although i agree that the rest of the deadites in the 2013 film besides Mia did not have much of a personality , if you look back in the first film none of those deadites had much personality either. Then the second movie came along and they had already decided not to take themselves too seriously , and so did the deadites.

          Now if Fede was to make a sequel to the 2013 film you never know how the deadites would evolve. I assume since it would be basically just Mia against the deadites there would be much more room for them to toy with her and taking into account Mia’s drug problem there is a lot of room for that to happen. Again , that sequel might never happen but i think its unfair comparing how the deadites evovled in the course of 3 films (raimis films) to those in just 1 film (fede’s).

          Myself , i welcome both versions of the more realistic and deadly deadites as well as the more jokey , mocking kind in Evil Dead 2 or the ones in Ash vs Evil Dead. (i really really did not like AoD and cant understand why so many people think its the best film in the franchise 😛 )

          • Evan3

            This is a well-reasoned argument to make (except for your insane bashing of Army of Darkness… i may have to whip out my BOOMSTICK should we ever meet). And in the end we both generally agree (as I really enjoyed Fede’s version too).

          • qwef

            Haha, well while i enjoyed Bruce Campbell’s performance in AoD it just wasnt what i liked about Evil Dead. It just felt like watching a longer episode of Hercules with a shotgun or something. Again, just how i felt about it.

  • AgileBear

    Can I rent digital on my xbox and watch? I never used digital. I have billion blurays and dvds plus Netflix stream

  • Paul Nokka Thomas

    All talk but no where to actually get it????? Please anyone???

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