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‘XX’ Anthology Brings Weird to Blu-ray

After having its world premiere at next month’s Sundance Film Festival, Magnet will release their all-female horror anthology XX (read our review) on Blu-ray May 23, 2017. It is currently on VOD platforms.

The film tells four deadly tales from four killer women: Roxanne Benjamin, who produced Southbound with us and also directed one of the stories; rock and roll icon Annie Clark (“St. Vincent”); Karyn Kusama, one of TV’s leading female directors and the filmmaker behind The Invitation; and up-and-comer Jovanka Vuckovic, director of the short film “The Captured Bird”.

Sofia Carrillo (La Casa Triste) wraps together the four stories of terror featuring a cast including Natalie Brown, Mike Doyle, Christina Kirk, Kyle Allen, Peyton Kennedy, Peter DaCunha, Ron Lea, Jonathan Watton, Lisa Renee Pitts, and Morgan Peter Brown star.

Annie Clark (St. Vincent) rocks her directorial debut with “The Birthday Party”; Karyn Kusama exorcises “Her Only Living Son”; Roxanne Benjamin screams “Don’t Fall”; and Jovanka Vuckovic dares to open “The Box”.

Benjamin is also a long time Bloody Disgusting family member who went from writing for us to producing the first two V/H/S films and most recently directing this wicked Cherry Glaser music video.




  • Papa_spoosh

    Such a great trailer but what a let down seeing the actual movie

  • shawn lawson

    Watched last night. First couple stories were OK, the box and birthday party. The other 2 were fucking terrible. Overall….not a good film. How were Soskas not involved they probably would have saved it.

  • J Jett

    “The Birthday” was terrible despite it starring the fantastic Melanie Lynskey. i am not sure why this was even included since it barely even counts as a horror (or even as a horror/comedy which it’s trying to be).
    “The Box” (which starred fantastic Natalie Brown) was the best entry.
    Karyn Kusama’s “Her Only Living Son” was decent.
    “Don’t Fall” was ok i guess.
    a big problem i had with this entire project is each short film is WAY too short. it doesn’t at all help that the intro credits and subsequent intro visuals to each respective short film (a creepy stop motion(?) dollhouse creature) takes up a good chunk of screen time that should have been given to each film.

    • zombie84_41

      movie was awful. Non of the shorts were exciting, they were like something you and your friends will do for no money. LOL.

  • zombie84_41

    this movie fucking sucked ass. Poorly edited, acted, directed, written it was just a shit film that should of been amazing.

  • Cure4Humanity

    I have to be honest, the film was awful. I didn’t care for a single one of the stories. None of them were remotely frightening and the whole movie seemed like it was put together by a frat house in terms of quality.

  • Andrew Flynn

    The box was good, rest of the stories left a lot to be desired.

  • I was expecting something good as VHS but it’s awful! The worst anthology I’ve seen.

  • Lady Bathory

    I had such high hopes for this but ended up only liking the last sequence. The idea of having female directors and female main protagonists is pretty interesting. However, if the film is cliché ridden and boring like this one, it doesn’t really help the cause…

    • Satanzilla

      Ironically it steered clear of stereotypes which is why so many genre fans were disappointed. Genre fans actually want the cliches.

      • Lady Bathory

        Mh, I actually disagree on this. I am a huge genre fan and love innovation. Sadly, this film had none. (or a tiny bit with the stop motion part)

  • Blk Mgc Maverick

    Agreeing with most here that The Box and Birthday were the most enjoyable but hardly qualify as horror. The entire film was mostly uninspired though. The Rosemary’s baby story was the absolute worst.

  • david

    I hear you guys, and I agree. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie because I love anthology horror films like VHS, VHS 2, Trick ‘r Treat, and Creepshow 2, but XX was average at best. The only one of the shorts that I would classify as horror would be Don’t Fall. Which was also the only one that I enjoyed. XX was 80 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

    • Satanzilla

      They’re all horror IMO. I think some genre fans think it’s not really horror unless someone is being chased/eaten/infected by a demon/monster/maniac/ghost for an hour and a half. That’s their right but horror is a lot more than that.

  • powderedtoastman

    After not liking the first segment,I thought “okay it’s an anthology movie so I’ll stick around for the next.” By the 3rd segment,I had to tap out completely.


    Come on girls…you can do SO MUCH BETTER than this dreck.

  • Satanzilla

    Great. Terrible. Ok. Great.

    But it’s an anthology and you watch them to enjoy the best ones.

  • Matt Miller

    Yeah it’s wasn’t a good film. None of the shorts was good. All of them were pretty amateurish. Maybe the last one was a bit better made but still was rubbish. I was more excited when Jennifer lynch and the Soska sisters were attached, maybe it would have been better. Anyway all the recent anthology films have been dissapointing.

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