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‘Raised By Wolves’ Trailer Unleashes Hell on a Plantation

When seven teenagers go to a remote deserted plantation to skateboard and have fun, the day soon turns into a night of terror, as the true spirit of the properties’ past owners returns and they are stalked by the forces of pure evil.

It’s all-out terror as Random Media and Helios Productions announce the March 28th Digital (iTunes), DVD and VOD debut of Raised By Wolves, “an edge-of-your seat, blood-splattered horror adventure” from The Butcher Brothers (April Fool’s Day, The Hamiltons, The Violent Kind), directed by Mitchell Altieri. Starring a host of millennial favorites including Evan Crooks, Jenna Haze and Monty Greer the film tells the chilling tale of a group of teenagers who stumble upon a remote house while looking for a place to skateboard and raise hell. Unfortunately, the house also happens to be the location of a horrific 1973 mass suicide. Now, the kids are unknowingly becoming possessed and turning against one another, repeating the home’s violent past.


In the summer of 1973, dozens of teenagers were lured to a remote plantation by a charismatic cult leader and brainwashed into attacking anyone outside their group. What followed was a killing spree of unimaginable brutality.

The horrendous crimes were covered up and the only survivor locked away. The secrets of the Plainsong Massacre remained hidden…until now. Seven teenagers – looking for a place to skateboard, drink bear and raise hell – drive a stolen truck to the long abandoned plantation.

The high-spirited teens initially laugh off the blood-stained walls and mysterious symbols but, with night falling, it becomes clear they are being stalked by a force of pure evil and limitless power. As the childhood friends fight for survival, they discover the horrific truth about the massacre, and Mikey’s footage builds to a final confrontation that echoes all our nightmares.




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