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Arrow Video Bringing Original ‘Children of the Corn’ to Blu-ray

He who walks behind the rows… in high-def!

Just announced, Arrow Video is bringing the 1984 iteration of Children of the Corn to Blu-ray here in the States on September 19th. The film, based on the short story by Stephen King, was directed by Fritz Kiersch, and it starred Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton as unsuspecting travelers who faced ultimate evil in the fictional town of Gatlin, Nebraska.

In Children of the Corn

A young couple travelling cross-country find themselves stranded in the small town of Gatlin, where they meet a mysterious religious cult of children. With no adults in sight, the terror brews as the new arrivals find the secrets of the prospering corn fields and the children who inhabit them.

Led by the mysterious Isaac and the unhinged Malachi the blood-curdling secrets of the children of Gatlin are soon revealed to their new ‘outlander’ guests.

Special features both new and old will be packed into the Arrow Video release, which boasts a brand new 2K restoration from the original negative. Read on for the full rundown!

  • Brand new audio commentary with John Sullivan of and horror journalist Justin Beahm
  • Audio commentary with director Fritz Kiersch, producer Terrence Kirby and actors John Franklin and Courtney Gains
  • Harvesting Horror: The Making of Children of the Corn – retrospective piece featuring interviews with director Fritz Kiersch and actors John Franklin and Courtney Gains
  • It Was the Eighties! – an interview with actress Linda Hamilton
  • Return to Gatlin – brand new featurette revisiting the film’s original Iowa shooting locations
  • Stephen King on a Shoestring – an interview with producer Donald Borchers
  • Welcome to Gatlin: The Sights and Sounds of Children of the Corn – an interview with production designer Craig Stearns and composer Jonathan Elias
  • Feeling Blue – an interview with the actor who played “The Blue Man” in the fabled excised sequence
  • Theatrical Trailer

Check out the newly commissioned artwork by Gary Pullin below.



  • Munchie

    It sucked then, and it’ll suck in high def too.

    • Marla

      Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining sucked. Eat shit you fucking old fag.

  • Buk Lau

    Very cool. I’ve loved so many of Arrow’s releases. They really take the time to craft something special.

  • disqus_uqr3Boh0Wp

    If 88 films hadn’t just released it then sure but this is right on the back of that release, even if Arrow is better there is so many other films that haven’t got any release that they could have released.

  • Geno1987

    All of them sucked.

    • Marla

      Fuck off faggot.

      • Geno1987

        Riveting rebuttal. If you’re going to insult me, at least make it funny.

        • Munchie

          At least he called me a ‘fucking old fag’ (see below).

  • Necro

    This is already available on Blu-ray

    • Papa_spoosh

      Arrow, Scream Factory, Synaspe, etc. are all companies that release blu rays with added bonus features, increased visual quality and typically some amazing cover artwork whether the film is new to blu ray or not. Similar to a Criterion Collection

      • Necro

        Oh ok gotcha, Thank You!

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