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‘Bonejangles’ is Let Loose This July

Bonejangles stalks VOD July 18, Bloody Disgusting learned.

In the film, “While transporting the legendary killer Bonejangles, a group of police break down in a town cursed with monsters, and must release him to survive!

Phantasm‘s Reggie Bannister stars with Elissa Dowling, Kelly Misek, Jr., Julia Cavanaugh, Devin Toft, Jamie Scott Gordon, Lawrence Wayne Curry, and Hannah Richter in a Brett DeJager film, written by Keith Melcher.

Here are the trailer and art.



  • J Jett

    this looks pretty bad and not in a fun/good way. LOL.

    • Judge Satchmo

      God bless em they’re having fun. My home videos are unwatchable too.

  • Logan

    Something like this gets made, yet we STILL can’t get the last part of the Chromeskull trilogy?

    • Hash-Slinging Slasher

      No, that’s just Rob being lazy…. or wanting too much money to make it.

  • OK–normally I try to take trailers with a pinch of salt, but this looks so horrible that I wonder if there was even a script and casting call, or if they just grabbed strangers of the street and told them to improv. I have a pretty high tolerance for grade-Z movies, but this looks like something I couldn’t even sit through.

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