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‘The Poughkeepsie Tapes’ Gets Blu-ray Release TEN YEARS LATER!

In one of the longest delays of all time, Scream Factory has announced today they will be bringing the long-shelved found-footage classic The Poughkeepsie Tapes to Blu-ray on October 10, 2017! Extras are yet to be revealed but I sure as hell hope we get some goodies after a decade-long wait.

While the film had found a VOD release through DirecTV three years ago, this marks the first official release for the pic that introduced the world to John Erick Dowdle and his brother Drew, the duo who went on to direct M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil, Quarantine and even the criminally underrated As Above, So Below.

Bloody Disgusting was the first ever media outlet to review the film prior to its Tribeca Film Festival premiere back in 2007.

In it, “Hundreds of videotapes of torture, murder, and dismemberment show a killer’s decade-long reign of terror.

In years past we had been told that MGM, who was to originally distribute the film theatrically, wanted to recoup their $2M marketing spend resulting in it being shelved.

  • zombie84_41

    As Above, So Below. is amazing.

    • I agree, so underrated!

  • Elizabeth

    I forgot this even existed. Is it worth watching?

    • WoodsboroKiller

      yes. it’s effectively unsettling.

    • RJ MacReady

      Was wondering the same thing. Haven’t seen it either.

    • Satanzilla

      It’s worth watching. It’s not very convincing. It’s too ambitious to seem real. FF has to be fairly small in scope to seem like it’s real. TBWP and PA did it right.

      • Sam Cavanagh

        PA sucked. I fell asleep through that shitfest. TBWP was the best though. So many factors made it #1 in FF movies ever.

    • JoeInTheBox

      It’s worth a watch. When it’s a found footage movie, it’s genuinely creepy. When it’s a faux-documentary, it’s very amateurish. The acting and writing during these sequences is pretty hit or miss(more miss than hit).

  • llcc1103

    Very very good film

  • guest

    thought the film was very over-hyped.

    • Satanzilla

      I agree guest nigga

    • The chicken man

      I wanted to like it, but I just didn’t.

    • I can honestly not remember much from it, if anything. I remember finding it a bit boring, which isn’t a good sign. I’ll have to give it another go

  • ChaosHD

    “Ten year wait? Big deal, we can easily go longer than that” says Amityville The Awakening.

    • I’m screaming

  • Bloodspatta

    About time. It’s an awesome film. Very creepy and disturbing.

  • Matt Miller

    Fucked up film. Great and disturbing. And indeed, As above so below is undarrated.

  • Ocelot006 .

    Will this live up to ten years of hype? The answer is no. Jesus I remember seeing the trailer with The Strangers. Look how much cinema has changed since then. And all of our lives.

  • I already have a bootleg copy from, that’s enough 😉

  • discochic

    One of the better FF films out there: I saw this a few years ago, and although nothing new or groundbreaking, it has some good creep factor,

  • Simon Allen

    It ain’t all that .

  • KSE1977

    I was inches away from buying a bootleg of this online not two days ago. Excited to see it and add it to the collection. I have no doubt the hype will not be warranted to me and whatever impact the film may have had ten years ago will be diluted by everything else that has since followed.

  • Necro

    Finally! Damn that took awhile I remember seeing the trailer for this when I saw ‘The Mist’ in theaters. I personally liked it the killer is one creepy and twisted individual.

  • The Drucifer

    I really like this film but it’s been awhile may need to revisit it.

  • Travis_Bickle

    Proof you should never go to New Jersey

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