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Sony Releasing ‘976-EVIL’ with Alternate Version and New Commentary Track!

Out of the darkness and into light, comes your Horrorscope on this dark and stormy night.

Director Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund dials up a gothic tale of high-tech horror in 976-EVIL, debuting on Blu-ray for the first time October 3 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment!

Presented in its original aspect ratio and remastered for high definition, 976-EVIL includes an all-new commentary track for the film by Robert Englund, along with his wife, Nancy Booth Englund, who was the set decorator on the film. In addition, bonus materials on the release include an alternate home video version of the film featuring 12 extra minutes of footage!

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Starring Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night), Jim Metzler (L.A. Confidential), Pat O’Bryan (No Holds Barred) and Academy Award winner Sandy Dennis (Best Supporting Actress, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 1966), 976-EVIL is the number to dial to receive supernatural powers and turn into satanic killers. Hoax (Geoffreys) uses the powers the number gives him to exact revenge against everyone who has wronged him, inadvertently allowing his soul to be slowly taken over by Satan.

High school underdog Hoax Wilmoth (Stephen Geoffreys, Fright Night) fills up the idle hours in his seedy little hometown fending off the local leather-jacketed thugs, avoiding his overbearing mother (Sandy Dennis) and dreaming of a date with trailer park temptress Suzie (Lezlie Deane). But, his quietly desperate life takes a terrifying turn when his cousin introduces him to an unusual new hobby – phoning in for his Horrorscope. Hoax is hooked-up with a compellingly hideous demonic force that slowly begins to overtake his entire life and now there’s more than just a phone bill to pay for anyone who ever dared cross “the neighborhood nerd”.

Directed by Robert Englund and written by Rhet Topham and Brian Helgeland, 976-EVIL was produced by Lisa M. Hansen and executive produced by Paul Hertzberg.



  • Necro

    Cooooooool! Surprised the remake word hasn’t been thrown out there for this.

  • Motion Fiction Media

    Amazing! One of my favorites!

  • Bloodkry

    I like the look of the cover for the Blu-ray.

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve seen this so many times and somehow I still didn’t know Englund directed it.

  • Geno1987

    Excellent. I hope Robert Englund does a directors commentary track.

  • HalesTales

    I love this movie and find it to be very underrated. Stephen Geoffreys is so fun to watch on screen whether it’s this or Fright Night. The movie has camp and humor and is a bit much, but it all fits together. The makeup is great and it’s thoroughly engaging. Plus, I’ve always loved the cover since I discovered the VHS in my mom’s collection when I was just a wee lad! I’m excited for 12 more minutes of footage.

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