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Exclusive ‘The Cropsey Incident’ Clip Finds the Devil in the Woods

In the tradition of Blair Witch, writer-director Julian Grant’s (RoboCop: Prime Directives) found-footage The Cropsey Incident fixes on a group of social justice activists that come face to face with a supernatural urban legend while investigating a series of gruesome ritual murders. Rinska Carrasco Prestinary, Terry Bell, Brandon Galatz and Hannah Phelps star.

Based on the urban legend of the Cropsey Killer, The Cropsey Incident is available on digital now from Wild Eye Releasing.

Check out this exclusive clip that finds something disturbing in the woods.



  • Poindexter_Jones

    From this clip, the characters seem like a bunch of douche bags.

  • I’ll stick to “Cropsey”. That docu was amazing

    • Lushen72

      I stumbled onto that one by accident but damn that was a really awesome doc.!

  • I can’t help but be put off by anything called “The [x] Incident” or “The Exorcism of [x]” “Mega[x] vs Croc[x]”

    • Rick-Taylor

      I concur, although Incident is still 20 times better than “The ____ Files”.

      • Haha that’s a good one too.

        You could have hours of fun inventing horror movie titles that start with “The” and end with a generic horror word.

        The Cropsey Files
        The Cropsey Haunting
        The Cropsey Possession
        Paranormal Cropsey

        There you go Asylum, that’ll be £100. Cheers.

  • Simon Allen

    The Burning ? Anyone ?

  • Charyou

    Watch the documentary Cropsey. It was fantastic. If this can tap into any of that kind of horror, this will be worth the watch.

  • Cobra Commander

    The Cropsey Incident is the biggest piece of shit ever made, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot of bad movies. If you liked it you should seriously kill yourself.

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