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‘Wish Upon’ Blu-ray Delivers Promise of Director’s Cut

Joey King (Independence Day: Resurgence, “Fargo”) must be careful what she wishes for in the thriller Wish Upon, also starring Ryan Phillippe (Crash, “Shooter”), Emmy nominee Shannon Purser (“Stranger Things”), Ki Hong Lee (The Maze Runner franchise, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”), Mitchell Slaggert (Moss), Alice Lee (“Gap Year”), Sidney Park (“Instant Mom”), Kevin Hanchard (“Orphan Black”), Sherilyn Fenn (“Twin Peaks”) and Elisabeth Rohm (American Hustle, “Law & Order”).

Wish Upon debuts on Digital HD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and VOD on October 10th, Bloody Disgusting learned. The Blu-ray Combo Pack also includes the promised Director’s Unrated Cut, featuring footage not seen in the theatrical release. Bonus materials on Wish Upon include “I Wish: The Cast Share What They Would Wish” (all formats except VOD), “Attic Tour with Joey King” (all formats except VOD), “Directing Darkness: John Leonetti and Cast Talk About Developing a Horror Film” (Blu-ray and Digital exclusive), and “Motion Comics: Lu Mei’s Curse and Arthur Sands Reveal The Stories Behind The Previous Owners Of The Box” (Blu-ray and Digital exclusive).

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After her father (Ryan Phillippe) presents her with a mysterious music box, Clare Shannon (Joey King) is surprised to find her every wish coming true. Her joy slowly morphs into terror as she begins to realize the bloody price of each new wish.



  • A2VL

    It killed Broadgreen pictures so I gotta check it out to see how bad it is

  • Necro

    Now is it actually going to be the intended version before they were forced to cut everything out? Or is it going to be an extra 2 minutes of footage? I ask that because bullshit like that has been done before.

  • Mark Lepine

    I have seen the movie and don’t know if a directors cut will make much of a difference. It wasn’t a bad movie but pretty bland.

  • Munchie

    good grief, didn’t this just open in theatres?

    • Yeah but it barely recouped it’s budget

  • I still wanna see this movie. I hope that, with the additional footage, it’s gonna be better than many of the critics said

  • Alex

    It seems like this movie had a cool concept but failed to deliver. I hope this new footage can change that but I doubt it.

  • Barry El Beardo

    Wish Upon was stupid but VERY fun. I really enjoyed watching it, you knew pretty much what type of movie you were going to get. I would love to see the unrated version 🙂

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