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Vinegar Syndrome Bringing 1990’s ‘Demon Wind’ to Blu-ray

At this point in time, the 1990 horror film Demon Wind has only ever been released on VHS here in the States, so it’s pretty great to hear that Vinegar Syndrome is bringing it into the world of high-definition for the very first time!

Charles Philip Moore’s Demon Wind will hit Blu-ray on October 24.

Vinegar Syndrome have granted the film a full-on special edition, starting with a beautiful 2K restoration from its original 35mm camera negative, supplemented with a bevy of bonus features sure to part the horror masses with their hard-earned cash,” reports Cinema Arcana.

“Extras include on-camera interviews with executive producer Sandy Horowitz, actress Sherry Bendorf Leigh and cinematographer Thomas L. Callaway, an audio chat with editor Chris Roth, the original trailer, and reversible cover art. If that’s not enough, the company is also offering a limited edition lenticular slipcase, replicating DEMON WIND’s original tape release. This cover variant will only be available for purchase direct — pre-order is slated to go live this Friday, August 25th.”

In the film, “With the need to investigate the mysterious death of his grandparents, Cory and his friends assemble back to the old farm where it all began, sixty years earlier.”



  • Motion Fiction Media

    This is awesome news!!

  • Munchie

    Wow, this and Popcorn announced on the same day. Great news.

  • Saturn

    Demon Wind, eh – I get that after eating the sprouts of evil.
    Hopefully it’ll get a decent UK release as I love this – craptastic – movie.

  • Necro

    Excellent! Is that Jeff Kober in the picture?

    • Kyle Cole

      Im not sure if ive seen this or not. Is there a part where one of the girls evaporates or something after picking up this creepy doll that talks

      • Necro

        Kyle to be honest I’ve never seen it, and if I have I have no memory of it. Sorry Bro!

        • Kyle Cole

          Yeah i found it last night on youtube. They have the full length movie on there

      • Tarman_85

        Yes, that happens in this movie. What’s funny is that her friends act like nothing happened after she disappears in front of them.

        • Kyle Cole

          I watched this last night on youtube. Yeah a little demon girl grabs her and she evaporates into a doll. Pretty weird early 90s flick. I typed in demon wind 1990 in youtube and the full length movie showed up

    • Tarman_85

      I think it’s Stephen Quadros.

  • Glad to hear that DEMON WIND is Finally receiving an official DVD/Blu Ray release. 8) 8) Now,if we can only get the likes of THE KINDRED(which Synapse Films dropped the ball on[and cancelled its planned release]) and many other 80s and 90s horror/genre titles that have been super elusive since their long ago VHS video releases…

  • Intan Bunda Kansa

    Wind River
    An FBI agent teams with a town’s veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation.

  • Tarman_85

    Love this movie! It’s like The Evil Dead in an invisible cabin with demons that that look and sound like deadites without the white contact lenses!

  • FINALLY! Yay!!!

  • Tarman_85

    For those who have never seen the movie before, it’s on YouTube.

  • Robert Goode

    I used to suffer demon wind. Had to cut back on the dairy.

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