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‘The Poughkeepsie Tapes’ Blu-ray Detailed

In one of the longest delays of all time, Scream Factory recently announced they will be bringing the long-shelved found-footage classic The Poughkeepsie Tapes to Blu-ray on October 10, 2017! Extras include the trailer and new interviews with the filmmakers and cast.

While the film had found a VOD release through DirecTV three years ago, this marks the first official release for the pic that introduced the world to John Erick Dowdle and his brother Drew, the duo who went on to direct M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil, Quarantine and even the criminally underrated As Above, So Below.

Bloody Disgusting was the first ever media outlet to review the film prior to its Tribeca Film Festival premiere back in 2007.

In it, “Hundreds of videotapes of torture, murder, and dismemberment show a killer’s decade-long reign of terror.

In years past we had been told that MGM, who was to originally distribute the film theatrically, wanted to recoup their $2M marketing spend resulting in it being shelved.



  • The chicken man

    It took me forever to find a copy of this movie, and I really wanted to like it. But, I just found it cheesy and boring. It took a lot of effort to make it to the end. Can’t recommend it.

    • Mads Lzrkvct

      Agree. I watched it this year because of all the hype but it was very plain and not scary at all.

      • jsmoltz29

        I’ve watched it a handful of times and the same thing always sticks out at me. Thats how a movie can be 99% awesome and have one terrible bit of casting that kills it for me. The one guy that was, If I remember correctly a forensics guy, was terrible. Him telling the bit about his wife watching one of the tapes and then not being able to touch him for a year after or some bullshit like that. Takes me out of it every time. Absolutely terrible delivery. I might have just butchered the actual line or what that character actually does but if you watch it, you’ll definitely see that moment. This is also classified a found footage film. I think thats a bit of a misnomer. The format is exactly that of a cable reality crime show. Yes there is a lot of footage from, the tapes shown, but its still a true crime show type of format. Sorry for the wall of text lol. Seriously though, this movie is a gem and definitely worth a watch.

  • Necro

    Yeah this one is definitely an acquired taste for sure. Personally I enjoyed it and will be adding it to my collection.

  • Joey_Redballs

    Anybody want to buy an original Theatrical movie poster for The Poughkeepsie Tapes?

  • J Jett

    i remember watching this years ago and it’s pretty disturbing. very creepy.

  • Absolutely loved this film and can’t wait to own it! Good on ya, Scream Factory!

  • Edgar Pinecone

    “Bloody Disgusting was the first ever media outlet to review the film prior to its Tribeca Film Festival premiere back in 2007.”

    Holy cow. That is truly amazing!

  • James Allard

    Total honesty: I love found footage films. Yes there are a lot of really, really baaaaaad examples. This is not one of them. I loved every second of it, cannot wait to buy it.

    • KSE1977

      I certainly have enjoyed more of them than not. You ever see Welcome to the Jungle? Great one to enjoy!

      • James Allard

        Yes, in fact I have. It remains at the top of a long ugly list of why I didn’t care for The Green Inferno.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Scream Factory are child perv lovers. Fuck em’

  • KSE1977

    While I know this one cannot hope to match my expectations to finally see it, I am still excited to watch and add it to my vast collection!

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