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88 Films Brings a Quartet of Korean Classics to Blu-ray this Autumn



UK’s 88 Films is one of the best home video distribution labels in the world. If you live outside of Europe I can’t stress enough how much you should invest in a region free player, specifically so you can watch their releases. They do terrific work. One of the things that makes 88 Films so special is that they release a wide variety of films from all over the world. Their 88 Asia line has saved a number of classic Hong Kong horror and kung-fu classics and made them widely available for new generations of fans to enjoy. They’re gearing up to expand that line with some South Korean cinema!

For a number of years now Korea has been known for some of the most bonkers films on the planet. Their revenge films in particular have been extra brutal. 88 Films plans to bring that strange Korean flare for cinema to home viewers everywhere starting with 4 films that are sure to quench your genre thirst — Hansel and Gretel, Iris, Sea Fog and Gifted.

Specific details on each release aren’t included yet, but given this is 88 Films we’re talking about we can safely assume there will very likely be some quality special features included. Of these four films only Hansel and Gretel has received a Blu-ray release in the US and it’s long out of print and going for absurd prices from 3rd party sellers. If you’re looking for English-friendly releases of these films 88 Films is going to be your best bet.

Check out the trailer for Gifted and then scroll to the bottom for plot details on each film.

Hansel and Gretel – 2007
Dir. Pil-sung Yim

After meeting an mysterious girl on an dark stretch of road, a young salesman is invited to a beautiful house with bizarre secrets and no way to escape.

Iris – 2010
Dir. Kyoo-tae Kim, Yun-ho Yang

Hyunjun and Sawoo, close friends and rivals from the South Korean special forces, are recruited by the secret agency NSS. They both fall for Seunghee, the beautiful but lethal profiling specialist at NSS. When they are faced against each other in a nuclear terrorist attack, they are forced to make their final decision and Seunghee’s formidable secret is revealed.

Sea Fog – 2014
Dir. Sung-bo Shim

A fishing-boat crew takes on a dangerous commission to smuggle a group of illegal immigrants from China to Korea.

Gifted – 2014
Dir. Jai-hong Juhn

A young is forced to work for a criminal organization after he lost his job, but he soon discovers an increasing lust for violence and murder.